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22RF RELIABILITY KIT........................$37.95 + $5.00 shipping and handling
($3.90 savings over buying the individual parts)
NEW AND UPGRADED....now includes our High Performance Recoil Spring!!
(Enhance Firing Pin, Pressure Plug, high Performance Recoil Spring and Extreme Extractor)
NOTE: check here for CMMG Bolts and TACCOM Recoil spring




The ulimate kit to make your 22RF Ceiner/CMMG style insert function reliably!!!

First.....the Enhance Firing Pin:
This direct replacement firing pin is made from 17-4 SS heat treated to a condition H900, to present a tough, hard firing pin that won't break or mushroom out after many, many firings.

We've Radiused every inside corner to eliminate stress points.

The tip of the pin has been reduced in area to help give you a deeper dent in the primer.

We've made so that you can use the stock spring, yet, the return pressure will be reduced by about 2# in weight.....helping promote reliable ignition.

The tip has been designed to stick out of the hole only .030", so you will not damage your barrel by dry firing your weapon.

Doubles and dangerous out of battery detonations will also be reduced by the use of this firing.


The pressure plug will apply a constant pressure on your insert, always keeping it in the most forward position when the rifle is in battery. Being about an inch and a half long, this plug gives an added cushion, utilizing your recoil spring to reduce the battering your lower take on recoil.

You can install and remove the pressure plug in seconds with no tools....just push down on the buffer retainer and it goes in and out with ease.

we designed the pressure plug to be used with your present AR15/M16 recoil system.

If your lower is going to be used for both Rimfire and Centerfire, you will need to remove the plug for use with centerfire ammo. The good news is that if you would happen to forget to remove the plug....you are not in danger, the weapon will not be able to be charged, meaning that will know that you have to remove the plug.

Proven to be the ultimate in live fire consistant extraction!! We know that eveyone wants good groups on paper. How about trying for good groups of brass on the ground beside you? Are you getting that now? You will!! If you have consistant exctraction, you have a reliable firearm. You will have no need for any special charge handle and live round extraction will be only increased with our EXTREME EXTRACTOR.

The last piece of the puzzle for proven reliabilty, trigger reset, cycling and getting your bolt back into battery. Our spring will last over thousands of cycles of repeated firings with out wearing down due to to spring fatigue.

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