• Our Super Feed Barrels are hands down the best barrels on the market for your AR-9mm PCC, weighing in at 15 ounces.
    • This barrel will give you the fastest swing possible from target to target. Keeping the velocities down close to your pistol velocities will mean that you will have less recoil, and yes, the recoil is sharp and very fast, yet very gentle as the pressure curve drops off fast with a shorter barrel. It is now made with our patent pending feed ramp to work with any 9mm bolt you throw at it.
  • We’ve recently made the decision to offer standard contour 9mm barrels. We call them, Extreme Feed Barrels. These barrels also have a unique feed ramp that enhances the feeding of the 9mm round (including Hollow Points). The rear of the ramp supports the front end of the Glock magazines so that they will not blow out. Using a 1:10 twist blank, you will find that these barrels preform in just about any environment. For use in competition, tactical, or just plinking at the range, this barrel will just work. If the round comes out of the magazine it is going into the hole.


  • The black anodized aluminum brake (13/16 model) is pinned and weld per ATF specifications to make for a legal 16” barrel. One of our most efficient brakes ever!


  • Our Patent Pending extreme feed ramp allows the use of hollow point ammunition and supports the front end of the glock magazine.


  • Choice of Standard Nitride Bolt (black nitride finish for low drag), Standard Polished Bolt (Polished for lower drag), or Extreme Short Stroke Bolt (Lowest drag plus bolt hold open).
    • Comes with pivoting extractor
  • Choice of ULW handguard or G10 Handguard 
    • Handguards will be cut to appropriate length if choosing 10/16 or 13/16 barrels