///Delayed Blowback 9mm Recoil System

Delayed Blowback 9mm Recoil System


  • Momentarily delays movement of the 9mm bolt
  • Provides for less felt recoil, less sight bounce
  • Flat wire recoil spring
  • Second stage cushion at the end of the recoil stroke
  • Works in any carbine buffer tube
  • Short stroked system*
  • Works with any ‘hollow’ pistol caliber bolt**
  • Self contained system, no need for traditional detent pin


The TACCOM Delayed blowback recoil system is unlike any other recoil system on the market today. We use Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets to retard the movement of the bolt for a split second, this allows for the pressure in the chamber to drop some before sending the bolt back in the recoil stroke. This allows for the use of a lighter system, yet moving at the same speed as a heavier system…..allowing for less felt recoil and with that, less vertical dot (sight) movement. What this means is that you will have a faster return to target for faster follow up shots.

We’ve cycle tested our system for well over 10,000 cycles with zero loss of the magnetic field, assuring you a long service life with our bullet proof recoil system. And, the Delayed Blow back Recoil system is serviceable as well for cleaning. The flat wire will also allow for long service over traditional music wire springs.

While we primarily developed this for the 9mm x 19mm round, we’ve also used this system with 40S&W and the 45ACP with factory ammo and it preformed spectacular!

*Short stroke system will not allow for the automatic use of the Bolt Hold Open feature

**On JP Enterprise Bolts, the front keeper and screw will need to be removed and the use of a detent pin is recommended.


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