Extreme 9mm bolt


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(19 customer reviews)
  • Nickel Boron Coating
  • Pivoting Extractor
  • Low drag, low weight key
  • 14.4oz
  • Works with both Glock and Colt magazines
  • Shipping 2/3

Available on backorder


The TACCOM extreme 9mm bolt is THE 9mm bolt taken to the next level!!

First, we use a standard mil spec proven 5.56 pivoting extractor for long service use.

Next, we did away with that heavy gas key and replaced it with a low drag, low weight orientation key……all that key does is keep your bolt from rotating, nothing else. No need to stake these bolts, you have 1/5 of the original key weight so it will not become loose and it will not shear your screws.

Going with a low friction coating like Nickel Boron only makes sense in a blow back action, not only will it continue to function in adverse conditions, but it will be a breeze to clean as well. Our bolts are designed to run with our extreme feed barrels but will work equally as well with other standard 9mm AR15 barrels too! Yes, the bolt is rather extreme, but you need that to be a leader.

19 reviews for Extreme 9mm bolt

  1. marshall valentino (verified owner)

    I bought the Extreme 9mm bolt for my PSA AR9 pistol project. This is my first AR 9mm pistol and I did a lot of research as I bought parts. I wanted to keep costs down as much as possible but after reading about some bolts shearing gas key screws or breaking the gas keys themselves, I started looking for a premium bolt. TACCOM’s was more than I wanted to spend but I liked the idea of an AR15 extractor and got tired of waiting for another company to come out with theirs. The NIB finish is a nice touch…it cleans easily though the bolt face takes a little brushing with a bronze or stainless steel brush to get it all off. The firing pin and extractor are held in place with a rollpin that must be driven out to remove them. The firing pin is spring loaded to lessen the chance of a slam fire. All in all, it is a very nice product.

  2. Tyler

    I bought the Extreme bolt to run with the Taccom ULW ramped barrel. The bolt is clearanced so it won’t hit the ramp and fit and finish are superb. I put everything together with a PSA lower/Hiperfire Trigger and it has been flawless through 300 rounds of testing. Tim provided great advice when I called with questions. I’m very pleased with everything I purchased from Taccom.

  3. Jason Clark (verified owner)

    Stellar bolt. I run it hard and put it away dirty. Thousands of rounds and keeps on kicking. Love the external extractor. The nickel boron makes for super easy cleaning. Just waiting on Taccom to drop spare parts on the website. Can’t wait to have a spare FP and some springs in my parts kit.

  4. pvjeff (verified owner)

    Great bolt and great customer service from Taccom. Have run a variety of different ammo brands through my new build without any issues. super easy to clean and great overall product.

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    Hands down the best BCG for 9 mm on the market!!! I have owned other well known bcg’s And had extractor issues, problem solved with the pivoting extractor! The NIB coating makes it a breeze to clean. This BCG paired with the Taccom tensioned barrel is a combination that can not be beat!
    Thanks Taccom for another great product .

  6. Junior (verified owner)

    Beautiful piece of machinery and ran the first 200 rounds through it with no hiccups. Highly recommended for the 9mm AR platform… Fast shipping as always…

  7. jeseawell (verified owner)

    Hands down the best BCG for 9 mm on the market!!! problem solved with the pivoting extractor! The NIB coating makes it a breeze to clean. Beautiful piece of machinery!!!
    Thanks Taccom for another great product

  8. Brandon (verified owner)

    I was loosing hope that my pcc would ever be reliable enough for a competition, after being plagued with feeding issue after feeding issue. Bought this last week, put it in, and put a couple hundred rounds through it with out a single issue! Well worth the cost. Thanks taccom!

  9. abraham (verified owner)

    got this paired with QC 10 lower and barrel. It’s been flawless. NiB coating makes it wasy to clean, even after 4 matches. My firing pin broke prematurely, i Messengered Tim, and he sent out acouple of replacements right away. Excellent customer service.

  10. hiddenfencewi (verified owner)

    Perfect BCG, functions flawlessly!!!! Worth every penny especially since I have different bcg/barrel combo that doesn’t work. pair this with the Taccom ramped barrel and buffer system and you’ll be happy.

  11. fladings (verified owner)

    Great bolt works flawlessly

  12. fivedmills (verified owner)

    Works great from the limited amount of testing I have done. Looks great too. Thank you

  13. stevendewdit92 (verified owner)

    I had left a review with three stars before because the bolt did not function properly even after a few hundred rounds. No matter the ammo I kept getting random light primer strikes. After leaving a review I got a random phone call from a guy from Taccom3g named Tim who was super helpful and friendly and helped me out some. He had me shave a bit of an edge onto the firing pin since my hammer wasn’t hitting it fully well. That helped but still didn’t get me running perfect 100%. After troubleshooting with my aircraft mechanic dad we determined the spring used inside the extreme bcg was too tough. We replaced it with a slightly lighter spring and its ran flawlessly. Seriously. This bcg just looks sexy. It’s not like a cheap redo of the standard 5.56 bcg. This thing is amazing. I bought the 5.5″ 9mm barrel to go with it (which has it’s own feed ramp) and I have had almost no issues (used a cheap aftermarket magazine with a weak spring and no cleaning and got some malfunctions) but this is a great combo! Love the product and have gotten so many compliments because of it!

  14. RETT GOINGS (verified owner)

    Perfect bolt for your 9mm AR. I bought their barrel, bolt, and buffer.

    My AR ran perfectly today. This bolt is heavy (which is what you want in a PCC). This finish is resilient. After 300 rounds I can barely see signs of use.

    The nickel finish also matches my trigger nicely.

  15. Wayne

    One fine looking bolt

  16. rgerena (verified owner)

    Works well, had one minor issue; the bolt would close on the Taccom feed ramp in my NFA side charging upper.

    Four swipes of a half round file on the feed ramp cleared enough for the bolt to cycle and it ran perfect.

    Hopefully this helps with the broken firing pin issue I’ve been fighting.

  17. milletics (verified owner)

    Showed up silky smooth. Very impressed. Combined with the 5.25” extreme feed barrel, shot just like I was cutting warm butter. Smooth. Cleaned up the bolt with one quick swipe of a rag. Beautiful. I never do online review but had to do one for these products. Worth your $.

  18. Rich (verified owner)

    Nice looking bolt, looks aggressive in AR-9 pistol. Bolt is very shinny and smooth ! Shipping was fast and Taccom was very friendly. Worth the money !

  19. Jason Johnson (verified owner)

    Great bcg, had been having fte problems with my budget pcc bcg, decided to give this bcg a try. Two matches and about 500 rounds through it now with no hiccups. Great product!

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