///Extreme Feed 14.5” 9mm Complete Upper w/ 4 Port Brake

Extreme Feed 14.5” 9mm Complete Upper w/ 4 Port Brake


  • 3lb 4oz
  • 9mm Extreme 9mm Bolt
  • Extruded Aluminum upper
  • Throated to allow for longer OAL ammunition
  • 14.5” Extreme Feed Ramped barrel PATENT PENDING
  • Works with both Colt and Glock lowers
  • 13.5” Carbon Fiber Hand Guard
  • Pinned brake makes for a legal 16″ rifle barrel


The TACCOM 9mm 14.5” Extreme Feed upper will give you a clear advantage in competition. Starting with a light contour 14.5” barrel that uses our 4 port anodized aluminum brake, you will stay on target better. Our patent pending feed ramp assures you that if the round comes out of the magazine…….its going to feed!!

Next, you have the advantage of our 9mm Extreme Bolt that not only uses the mil spec extractor, the Nickel Boron coating allows for easy cleaning and is so slippery you should not have to worry about cleaning your rifle during a match.

To finish up, we’ve cut our famous small diameter carbon fiber hand guard down only  ½” so that it just clears our 4 port brake and allows you reach forward as far possible on a 14.5” length barrel.


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