Feather Weight Tension Barrel 9mm


  • 15oz
  • Carbon Fiber sleeve
  • Stainless steel barrel/breach
  • ½-28 thread
  • 13.5” total length


The redesigned TACCOM Feather Weight barrel has landed!! We’ve taken a pistol barrel blank (.575” dia), threaded it into a 416 breech end, slipped a carbon fiber tube over the barrel, then tensioned the aluminum end cap. By tensioning a barrel, you stiffen it up, change the harmonics and this makes for a very light weight and accurate barrel. Coming in at 13.5” long, you will need to pin and weld a muzzle device on to the end to make a legal 16” rifle barrel. The FWT barrel has no location pin so you can install a brake prior to putting the barrel in the receiver and then clock the barrel to your liking!!

Being light, the sum balance of the rifle will be moved back near the magazine for a very agile rifle that swings well while providing a very stable shooting platform.


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