Feather Weight Tension Upper


  • 9mm Feather Weight Upper (3 pounds)
  • Complete upper with STD TACCOM bolt
  • Slick side Aluminum upper
  • 16” pinned and cover welded non-ramped barrel
  • Throated chamber to allow for longer OAL ammunition
  • 12.5” Carbon Fiber Hand Guard


Our ULW barrel has an effective barrel length of 13.5” while the pinned and welded brake brings the barrel out to the legal rifle length of just over 16”. The balance of this upper is awesome, the brake helps keeps you on target after the shot for quicker follow up shots. Using a .575” diameter pistol barrel blank keeps things safe. Our small diameter hand guard is a pleasure to hold on to.  Overall, this is a very competitive and economical package. Built for the long run and built for both speed and accuracy!!


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