Light Weight Barrel Extension


  • ½-28, ½-36 or 13.5x1LH
  • Designed to be pinned and welded to make legal 16” barrels
  • Available in MID BRAKE DESIGN or NO BRAKE
  • Lightweight Aluminum shroud that is permanently attached to a Stainless Steel Muzzle Device
  • Available in overall lengths up to 12 3/8”
  • Note length of extension when ordering
  • Ranges from 5 oz – 8.5 oz

Barrel Extension Length (in inches) *


Now you can take your shorter threaded 9mm barrel and make it a super light legal 16” barrel. You can even have a mid barrel brake if desired. Take advantage of the faster impulse let off of a short barrel and have less muzzle rise. You can further reduce the rise by ordering the mid barrel brake option.

DISCLAIMER: To make your shorter barrel a legal 16” rifle barrel, you MUST blind pin the extension to the threads of your barrel and cover with a weld. Please look up and follow the ATF guide lines for this procedure.

Additional information

Threading Variation

Mid Brake 1/2-28, Mid Brake 1/2-36, Mid Brake 13.5x1LH, NO Brake 1/2-28, NO Brake 1/2-36, NO Brake 13.5x1LH


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