Limited Edition Upper for AR15-9mm

Original price was: $387.99.Current price is: $349.95.

  • Slick Side Upper
  • Extreme HEAVY DUTY Hand Guard
  • XLW 9mm barrel
  • 1lb 8oz
  • 9mm bolt sold separately
  • Charge handle not included
  • If ordering for an FM9, please let us know in the comments during checkout so we can modify the feed ramp to work!


Here is your chance to grab a 9mm upper at a downright inexpensive price! We’ve taken our famous XLW Super Feed  barrel and hand polished the feed ramp; Assembled it into a slick side billet upper receiver, using our extreme HEAVY DUTY hand guard. All you need to do is add a charge handle and your favorite 9mm bolt or add one of ours to complete your 9mm upper receiver. You will have one of lightest uppers available today and be ready for USPSA, IDA, or steel challenge competition right out of the box. No one but TACCOM offers a package like this that will get you in the game, whether entry level or experienced professional… with TACCOM, be the leader, don’t follow one.
We’ve taken out extreme feed barrels to the absolute in feeding with our sure feed insert. This removable (top ramp) insert, when installed, restricts the nose of the bullet from ‘overshooting’ the chamber. This is actually a very common practice that has been used in 1911 pistols forever! While using this insert requires a simple modification to your bolt, you can run the barrel without the insert as well; until you make up your mind if you want to have us make that modification to your bolt (free of charge).  You still have use of our patent pending extreme feed ramp that can be used with any stand 9mm bolt on the market today.


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