Extreme Extension Tubes


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  • All variations come with a spring*
  • Machined Aluminium and anodized black
  • Threaded differently on both sides for a modular set up
  • “Kits” variations come with tube of choice, spring, and end cap
  • These tubes ONLY work with Taccom Extreme Extension nuts
  • Nuts sold separately



Add rounds with out sacrificing your extension tube strength. All our tubes are male threaded on one end and female threaded on the other so that you can nest tubes into one another.

Our springs are made to our specifications out of 17-4 stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about changing that spring all too often.

DISCLAIMER: *All tubes except the +1 option come with a spring

Only Aluminum tubes are threaded to same spec on both sides; otherwise, yes, our carbon fiber tubes do thread together with our aluminum tubes and our shotgun nuts for the ultimate modular set up!

Additional information

Adds to your factory magazine

+1 tube only – no end cap, +2 tube & spring – no end cap, +3 tube & spring – no end cap, +4 tube & spring – no end cap, +5 tube & spring – no end cap, +6 tube & spring – no end cap, +7 tube & spring – no end cap, +8 tube & spring – no end cap, +2 Kit (5.7"-6.2" length), +3 Kit (8.2"-8.7" length), +4 Kit (10.5"-11" length), +5 Kit (12.25"-12.75" length), +6 Kit (14.7"-15.2" length), +7 Kit (17.15"-17.65" length), +8 Kit (19.8"-20.3" length), +9 Kit (22.15"-22.65" length)

11 reviews for Extreme Extension Tubes

  1. John Dunn

    I have the plus 8 on my Winchester XP3 and the plus 6 on my Stoeger M3K. Both were easy to install and are very strong. The Stoeger had a feeding issue but it was the factory Stoeger tube catching the Stoeger follower. Cleaning and sanding the stock tube end fixes that. I ordered the Taccom no friction follower to make it feed even better. My son used his in a recent competition and it was flawless.

  2. Ethan K.

    Best tube money can go. Now issues what so ever. Very strong and love the fact you can add to what you already have.

  3. lewis tomsic (verified owner)

    great tube with no cycling issues. I use the plus 9 and love it. snow geese don’t stand a chance with this great accessory

  4. SloMo (verified owner)

    Fit’s perfectly! Feeding no problems! Great product!

  5. Ralph Shank

    I have the +6 on my Benelli M2 and it fit perfectly. Very easy to install. Super strong. This tube is head and shoulders above the rest. I’m ordering another +3 for use in certain matches. Love these tubes. Plus support is there if you need it. I’ve called a couple times with questions and i gotta say that Tim is one of the most helpful and friendly guys in the business. He’s a straight shooter 🙂

  6. hooverjc52 (verified owner)

    This is first extension for my shotgun so I don’t have anything to compare, but must say that I have been impressed with your products. It is well made, fit and finish! Will try in our first 3 gun shoot this weekend. First my Mossberg tube and then your extension without any problem and is a good solid tight fit. I got the 5+ kit and the the 3+ tube. Very well made and fit and finish on my Mossberg 930 is great. Thanks for the excellent service and shipping also.

  7. Joe C Hoover (verified owner)

    Got to run my +5 Kit, +3 tube, extension stabilizer today on my Mossberg 930, the only problem was we didn’t take enough ammo to the range! We tested it in the +5 only and then added the +3 tube. Not one problem at all, thanks again for the well made and functional product!!

  8. Matt L (verified owner)

    The +9 magazine tube kit + Mossberg nut works flawless on my 930 JM and is more than durable enough to withstand hard barrel dumps even without a clamp. The tubing is very robust and the internal threads are seamless against the follower. Trimming the spring is easy and I have already recommended this product to 3 others.

  9. Donnie (verified owner)

    Awesome customer service and product. Tough built and works as should. highly recommended for any other hunters out there looking for a quality extension tube for a quality price.

  10. kevin b (verified owner)

    Added the +2 tube to my Benelli Nova tactical. Fit and function is outstanding. The design and build reflects a high quality product that is complimented with outstanding customer service. Would highly recommend.

  11. michael s (verified owner)

    Why would you want to purchase any other brand? I’ve had my +9 for almost 2 years now. I paid considerably less than other brands and haven’t had a single issue out of it. I can fit 14 2.75″ shells in my SX3 now and have no problems running it dry.

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