SIG MPX ULW Barrel and Handguard


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Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)
  • Complete front end (Includes Gen 2 barrel, Barrel extension, and Hand Guard) *read description for more info*
  • Attaches to Upper with the factory screws and nut
  • Ultra Light Weight: 1 pound 12 ounces
  • Brake is timed (or “clocked”) for reduced upward movement and side movement
  • If ordering brake, let us know if you are right or left handed


The TACCOM MPX Front end is the answer for getting your GEN 2 MPX down to the lightest it can be for PCC competition. We start with an IN LEAD WE TRUST 6” barrel, pin and weld our ULW Extension and add our ULW Hand guard. As you can see, the 14”  (1.625 OD) Carbon Fiber hand guard comes out to within an inch of the legal 16” rifle barrel. Our barrel ‘nut’ clamps on to the very back end of the barrel with 3 screws and a precision light press fit. You will never see a point of impact change. The ILWT barrels are known for their laser accuracy, light contour design and this is why we chose them for our ULW front end.

New offering for us this year is a black G10 hand guard…..these are different, having a sanded finish and a unique weave pattern compared to the Carbon Fiber weave, coming in at 11.5” (1.625” OD) this is pretty much the equivalent of a 13” long hand guard on a standard AR15 and feels oh so very nice in your hands.

Want to switch back to your factory hand guard? No problem, with 3 screws; you can remove the TACCOM hand guard and slip the factory hand guard right over our barrel nut with ease.

Standard velocity factory ammo will have no problem making minor PF, and if you are using your custom hand loads for your pistol you will have no issues making minor power factor as well.

You will swing faster, feel less impulse and have one of the lightest MPX’s at the match with our front end.


Additional information

Barrel/Handguard Variation

11.5" G10 Hand Guard, No Brake, 11.5" G10 Hand Guard, Timed Brake, 14" CF Hand Guard, No brake, 14" CF Hand Guard, Time Brake

2 reviews for SIG MPX ULW Barrel and Handguard

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    T.J. (verified owner)

    I wanted a lighter MPX. I ordered the 14″ carbon fiber handguard no comp for my gen II MPX. The ILWT barrel has the larger 0.0625″ gas port, which I needed for reliable function. Now brass ejects 5 to 10 feet. The larger gas port also prevents me from out running my trigger. The original GEN II gas port was just too small.

    The barrel handguard system (2.68 lbs).
    Taccom barrel and handguard (1.80 lbs).

    Most of the weight is in the gas system which is back towards center of rifle.

    Customer service was helpful on two different phone calls.

    I would like to check accuracy with more ammo types. My cheap blasting ammo (with known poor accuracy) produced 6″ group at 50 yards.

    Fit to my upper receiver was great. The barrel tube extension was mostly centered in the handguard. Hand guard is stiff and does not flex into barrel. I’d purchase this again.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    T.J. (verified owner)

    Got to take out to the range with some known accurate ammo. Shot a 10shot 1.0″ group at 25 yards. Great Product.

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