Signature 9mm Upper

$299.95 $274.95

  • Forged “slick side” upper
  • Custom light weight 12.5” Hand Guard
  • Extreme Feed ULW 16” barrel (pat. pend.)
  • Comes with Mil Spec charge handle
  • 2lbs
  • 9mm bolt sold separately


Here is your chance to grab a 9mm ULW upper at a down right inexpensive price! We’ve taken our famous ULW Extreme feed barrel (pat. Pend.), and hand polished the feed ramp; Assembled it into an ultra light weight slick side forged upper receiver, using a custom made light weight 12.5” hand guard, with a segmented top rail and KeyMod slots. We’ve even added a Milspec charge handle to this package as well. All you need to do is add your favorite 9mm bolt or add one of ours to complete your 9mm upper receiver. You will have one of lightest uppers available today and be ready for USPSA, IDA, or steel challenge competition right out of the box. No one but TACCOM offers a package like this that will get you in the game, whether empty level or experienced professional… with TACCOM, be the leader, don’t follow one.


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