Super Feed 16″ XLW Barrel AR15-9mm


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  • 16” legal length rifle barrel (5.25” effective rifling)
  • 11oz
  • Throated chamber to allow for longer over all length ammunition
  • 1:10 twist rate
  • Removable top ramp
  • Hand polished bottom feed ramp
  • Pin and weld, brushed aluminum shroud
  • Works with any standard 9mm bolts
  • Supports the front end of glock magazines
  • Works with both colt and glock lowers
  • If ordering for an FM9, please let us know in the comments during checkout so we can modify the feed ramp to work!


Now you can use your pet pistol reloads in a PCC barrel and not have to worry about spiked power factors!

We’ve taken out extreme feed barrels to the absolute in feeding with our sure feed insert. This removable (top ramp) insert, when installed, restricts the nose of the bullet from ‘overshooting’ the chamber. This is actually a very common practice that has been used in 1911 pistols forever! While using this insert requires a simple modification to your bolt, you can run the barrel without the insert as well; until you make up your mind if you want to have us make that modification to your bolt (free of charge).  You still have use of our patent pending extreme feed ramp that can be used with any stand 9mm bolt on the market today.

The Super Feed eXtreme Light Weight 9mm Barrel is hands down the lightest barrel on the market for your AR15 PCC, weighing in at 11 ounces.

This barrel will give you the fastest swing possible from target to target. Keeping the velocities down close to your pistol velocities will mean that you will have less recoil, and yes, the recoil is sharp and very fast, yet very gentle as the pressure curve drops off fast with a shorter barrel.

The PATENT PENDING extreme feed ramp allows the use of hollow point ammunition and supports the front end of the glock magazine.

Matching our barrel with one of our popular adjustable 3 stage 9mm system is like a match made in heaven. The barrel itself has an 11 degree target crown and with pistol caliber velocities you have a very accurate and light weight set up.

We designed this barrel with the PCC competitor in mind.

If shooting with poly coated and/or cast lead rounds, we HIGHLY recommend buying our ULW Barrel Cleaning Tool

1 review for Super Feed 16″ XLW Barrel AR15-9mm

  1. robert.trout (verified owner)

    Love this barrel. This , with ESSB bolt, and Adjustable recoil system, my rig comes in at 5.1 lbs. Coming from a 16″ regular steel barrel, I was expecting some accuracy decline since it’s only 5.25″ of rifling – but I didn’t see any. It’s a tack driver with my 147gr. reloads running 135 PF. I was also able to feed flawlessly from non-glock branded mags, which I was unable to do with my normal (non top-ramped) barrel. My PCC is a self built mutt, but now with Taccom guts (bolt, buffer, barrel, handguard) – it runs like a top. I’m always impressed with Tim’s work, and appreciate that he’s always available to answer questions and gives advice when I tell him what I’m trying to accomplish.

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