ULW Barrel and Bolt for AR15-45ACP


  • 16″ ULW barrel (5.25″ effective rifling)
  • Pin and weld aluminum shroud
  • 15oz
  • Black nitride bolt (extreme short stroke config)
  • Bolt comes with short stroke pads


Now you can use your pet pistol reloads in a PCC barrel and not have to worry about spiked power factors!!

Our 45ACP ULW Barrel is hands down the lightest barrel on the market for your AR15 PCC, weighing in at 15 ounces.

This barrel will give you the fastest swing possible from target to target. Keeping the velocities down close to your pistol velocities will mean that you will have less recoil, and yes, the recoil is sharp and very fast, yet very gentle as the pressure curve drops off fast with a shorter barrel.

We’ve designed our 45ACP bolt with our famous extreme short stroke in mind, so that the bolt will have less travel and still allow for bolt hold open. A very successful design we’ve brought in from our 9mm ESSB bolts

Matching our barrel with one of our popular adjustable 3 stage recoil system is like a match made in heaven. The barrel itself has an 11 degree target crown and with pistol caliber velocities you have a very accurate and light weight set up.

We designed this barrel/bolt combination with the PCC competitor in mind.


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