Competition Package #1 for VR80


  • 7% discounted bundle
  • Package includes:
    • VR80 ambidextrous charge handle
    • VR80 extended mag release
    • VR80 safety selector
  • Comes in Black or Blue


The Extreme Charger for the VR80 shotgun is the latest go fast part developed and machined completely in house by TACCOM. Our charge is only ¼” longer (each side) than the factory charge handle, but allows for a stronger grab and the finger grooves mean that you will not slip off while charging your weapon. For those you of that have moved the charge handle to the left side of the weapon, you can take comfort in knowing that you will never scrape your knuckles on the bolt hold open lever ever again! We designed the charger in a, “no fail fashion” so that it will never fall out under live fire. Use the VR80 Extreme Charger just once and you’ll agree that it is one of THE best aftermarket parts made for this firearm platform!

You will not miss disengaging the safety with the TACCOM safety selector. It’s longer, wider, taller, bigger, and better than factory. We designed this with the competitor in mind. Getting on target fast while making the weapon ready to fire is all part of the game. We’ve made it easy and effortless to install and use. We’ve include both stainless steel and Black oxide screws so you get to decide which way looks better for your weapon.

An area of improvement on the VR80 is the amount of force is needed to push on the magazine release button. We’ve taken the original design, extended the paddle back as well as out, tightened up a couple of tolerance fits and with using a self-lubricating co-polymer material called Delrin, we come up with a design that almost makes you look forward to doing a magazine change! Delrin is not your garden variety plastic, it is very strong and in many applications has replaced aluminum and even steel. The Taccom VR80 extended magazine release is no different. A lower cost part that you will be glad to have on your VR80 when you need to use it!

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Black, Blue


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