Handguard Retainer for VR80


  • Eliminates the barrel nut/shroud
  • Works with short and long VR80 hand guards
  • Low profile, does not interfere with sighting
  • Makes your hand guard float
  • Increased slug accuracy
  • Made from 6061 aluminum
  • Anodized black
  • Installs with ease
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The TACCOM VR80 Hand Guard Retainer provides a unique solution for floating your factory hand guard on to your shotgun. We’ve eliminated the factory barrel nut and retaining rings and replaced all that with basically, a splice that bridges the split between the receiver rail and hand guard rail. You simply remove your barrel nut/shroud and the retaining rings, re-install your hand guard, then slip our retainer over the rail section on the receiver and hand guard. Next tighten up the 4 set screws to clamp and hold the hand guard on tight. You will no longer see a point of impact change after cleaning the gas system and because the hand guard now “floats,” you will see your slug accuracy increase! We’ve made the retainer to be low profile and it actually follows the factory lines of the weapon as well.


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