Recoil Package for VR80


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  • 7% discounted bundle
  • Package includes:
    • VR80 recoil buffer
    • VR80 Flat wire spring
    • VR80 buffer tube
  • Comes in Black

Out of stock

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We decided to carry a commercial AR15 Buffer tube to make it a little easier for you to purchase one for your VR80 shotgun. Typically, the outside dimensions are similar to the VR80 and internally, you now have dimensions of a milspec. You will also be able to take advantage of our flat wire recoil spring. To fit the VR80 latch plate all you need to do is to file the inside peg on that latch plate to fit the commercial buffer tube or not use the latch plate at all. You will find that having 6 positions for adjustment is great! And stocks made for the commercial buffers will fit better as well.

We’ve taken the technology of our 3 stage 9mm recoil system and adapted it for use with the VR80 shotgun.

The extended plunger on the back side of the buffer will slow down the bolt so it does not slam into the back of the buffer tube allowing for less felt recoil. While the system will work with the factory recoil spring we recommend that you first go thru a break in procedure of shooting 100-200 rounds first with the factory recoil system before switching over to the TACCOM recoil system.

Our system will work with the factory buffer tube with zero modifications, but we do recommend the use of either a milspec or commercial carbine buffer tube.

**This buffer is designed with work factory recoil spring, and we soon be offering a flat wire spring for use with our recoil system…….. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND MODIFYING THE FACTORY RECOIL SPRING OR ANY OF THE FACTORY COMPONENTS.

From the examples we’ve seen, the factory configured VR80 recoil spring tends to go to coil lock when used with the factory buffer… We’ve lengthened our buffer just enough so that this will not happen using the factory recoils spring, yet still allow for the bolt hold open feature to be used in normal operation.

The TACCOM flat wire recoil spring for the VR80 shotgun is the latest improvement we’ve come out with for improved function and smoother action cycling. As this spring will not go solid it will last longer than the factory spring. The Chrome Silicon spring material comes right out the automotive racing, used primarily to keep valves from floating at the higher RPM’s; We’ve adapted this design for use specifically for the VR80 shotgun. You can be assured that once installed, especially with our VR80 recoil system, you will have one of smoothest, reliable systems available on the market today.


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