“Short Throw” Selector Barrel for VR80


  • Direct replacement
  • Works with factory selector levers
  • Works with TACCOM extended lever
  • Barrel only, use your existing fasteners
  • Provides for a shorter throw to disengage the safety
  • Works with aftermarket triggers
  • May shorten the over-travel on the factory trigger as well.


With the TACCOM VR80 short throw selector, you will now be able to disengage your safety without having to change your hand position on the grip. We’ve designed this barrel so that you can use the factory levers or the TACCOM extended lever. This barrel allows for a faster and deliberate safety disengagement. Installs using the factory components and takes just a few minutes once you separate the upper from the lower. Also, works with all aftermarket triggers.

**Barrel only, use your existing fasteners


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