510C Mount for SW22 Victory


  • 6061 material
  • Silver finish
  • Lowest possible mounting
  • Just over 4oz with stripped optic
  • Stainless hardware
  • Includes a free ambidextrous side bolt racker with purchase!


Who would have ever thought of mounting a Holosun 510c optic to a pistol!! We did….that’s who. By stripping the guard and the rail mount you pretty much cut the weight of the 510c in half……from 8 ounces to 4 ounces. Our mount will put the 510c at the lowest possible position over the bore of the pistol without modifying the frame itself. Being able to utilize the HUGE window of the 510c is going make transitioning from target to target that much easier and faster. When mounted, the sight comes right up and you will instantly see the reticle making fast. We also include a free bolt racker that can be installed for either right handed or left handed shooters. Again…being on the side, this makes racking the bolt faster than any other accessory presently on the market today!! It simply slips on and is held on tight by the friction of the fit and will not move. Just a bonus item we include with some of our products here at TACCOM.


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