Adjustable Buttstock


  • Length of pull from 10.5” to 15”
  • Adjustable butt plate and rotational
  • Total weight 9.5 oz
  • Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, and Delrin Construction.
  • Will also work on SIG MPX and MCX
  • This is NOT a buffer tube


The New TACCOM Adjustable Butt stock is one of the most adjustable buttstocks on the market today for your rifle. Available with either a thread is with AR15 buffer tube spec threads or mount to picatinny rails on the back end of firearms such as the SIG MPX. You can adjust for LOP, butt plate position not only up and down but rotational as well. You can even rotate the entire butt plate to offset the center line of the rifle for faster target pick up. On the optional rail mount you can even adjust the entire stock up or down to your preferred cheek hold position. And once adjusted, the screws will lock everything in place for a very tight and solid butt stock.

Additional information

Buttstock Adaptor

Picatinny Rail, Buffer Tube Thread


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