Belt Accessory for Project Gemini


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  • Works with the 8up Gemini shell holders
  • Assemble 1, 2, 3 or more 8up on the web belt
  • Have 8, 16, 24 or 32 rounds on your chest.
  • Convenient shoulder strap keeps everything in place

Out of stock

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TACCOM’s new Gemini Project…….a totally modular shot shell holding system that allows the user to use, modify and adapt their shell holders to fit their needs. The all-Aluminum 2 up shell holders have a wide range course adjustment for shell length and the added compression springs allow for liberal differences in shell lengths within your typical box of shells. The Delrin Backers are designed to be used either left hand or right hand by loosening and tightening the top screws on the back and tilting the holders to your preferred side of loading!!.

The accessory thumb screws will allow you to change your shell holders to run the shorter trap loads and in a heart beat, change out to run the longer slug or ‘OO’ buck shells and then switch back again.

We’ve made it easy to make our 8up shell holders into chest rigs just by offering a 2” web bet and shoulder strap. You just thread the strap thru, in between the shell holder and backer, tighten up and you are all set to go!

All you need to do now is decide whether you need 8up, 12up, 16up and if you want the shells spaced for traditional quad loading or slammed together to conserve space……either way you will that TACCOM has just designed the best retention AND smoothest, fastest release shell holder available on the market today…….yes, these are a true game changer.


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