ULW Carbine Buffer System for AR15-223


(5 customer reviews)
  • Drop in assembly
  • Low reciprocating mass
  • Steel BCG recommended
  • Adjustable gas system required
  • Both pieces – 1.1oz
  • Reciprocating piece – 0.6oz


Designed for Carbine length buffer systems and works with standard and lightweight steel bolt carrier groups to help reduce the primary recoil of the weapon.

This system requires an adjustable gas system. Failure to follow the above criteria may result in poor operation or DAMAGE TO YOUR PLATFORM.

Although some customers have used our recoil system with aluminum and Ti carriers, we have not personally tested this and can not recommend the use of our recoil system’s with those carriers

5 reviews for ULW Carbine Buffer System for AR15-223

  1. Todd W. (verified owner)

    The “Carbine Recoil System” is compact and definitely light weight. The buffers are nicely done and should hold up for the long haul. Instructions are very detailed, clear and concise. You must have an adjustable gas block in order to use this. I have both an adjustable gas block and low mass bolt which will allow me to take full advantage of this recoil system which will add to the overall mass reduction of the entire system. Having a good brake will only add to the reduction of muzzle movement for quicker follow up shots. Shipping was very quick and the items were well packed for the trip. Thanks Taccom for an excellent product and service!

  2. Emptymag – Pittsburgh PA (verified owner)

    “5 Stars”
    Does it work better than the high priced alternatives? I don’t know. Does it work? Heck yes!
    I purchased direct from Taccom on the suggestion made to me by a friend when asking for advice on recoil reduction in a lightweight AR build for my wife.
    The carbine has a muzzle brake and I used a lightweight BCG, adjustable gas block, and this Taccom buffer system including the reduced power recoil spring. It shoots great and does not move. On top of that, the felt recoil is nearly non-existent – and this is a lightweight build.
    Several friends tried it out and all commented on how little recoil there was for such a light carbine.
    I suspect the results are the cumulative effect of the parts used, but what I know for sure is that I have a carbine that a child could shoot with ease and the Taccom buffer system played a part. They were great to order from too – fast to ship and great pricing as well!

  3. Adam (verified owner)

    It’s ok. Due to the length of the buffer it can slide past the buffer retainer easily. Kind of a pain, but those who are going lightweight will probably remove the retainer anyway. Seems pricey for a piece of delrin, but this is the only option at this time. Shipping was quick.

  4. Matt

    I used this buffer and reduced buffer spring, in combination with a lightweight BCG and adjustable gas block. It amazed me at how little gas I really needed when dialing in the adjustable gas block. This system combined with my break the gun is rock solid no recoil or muzzle jump. Get this it is awesome!!! You can buy with confidence

  5. keitheb721 (verified owner)

    I bought 2 so far and am about to buy my third one for a 300BLK build. I have had several people ask me why my AR shoots so darn flat. You have to love the Taccom Carbine Recoil system.

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