Sport Series 12S2


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  • Holds 12 – 12 gauge shells
  • Works with TEKLOK, TMMS, ELS and other belt attachments (sold separately)
  • Designed for load 2 method of shotgun loading


Designed to have great shell retention, yet release smoothly, the Sport Series line of shell holders effectively replaced our popular “Deuce” line of shell holders.

These shell holders are user friendly, no assembly required (except to your favorite belt attachment). Will work for both Right hand and left hand grab.

The Sport Series Holders are design so that you run the shells more horizontal, with the larger end of the holder down….you essentially ‘snatch’ the shells just like you would your pistol…pulling up rather than out. You will find that once out of the holder….your shells are right at the load port of your shotgun ready to go in.

Light weight, strong and versatile….there are no other shell holders on the planet that are more ergonomical than the TACCOM Sport Series!!

1 review for Sport Series 12S2

  1. ijacobs2 (verified owner)

    I purchased two of the Sport Series 12S2 caddies to use in 3-Gun. This will be my first time so I didn’t want to break the bank in case it’s not for me. From what I read and heard Taccom is among the top 3G gear brands and I also found them to have the most affordable shotgun shell caddies. I found a helpful video online (by Taccom) that showed how to attach Tek Lok clips to the caddies. I attached them to my belt and from what I can tell they will work nicely.

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