Sport Series 20S4 Chest Rig


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  • Holds 20 – 12 gauge shells
  • Strong, light weight, great shell retention, smooth release
  • Designed for load 4, will also work for the load 2


Designed to have great shell retention, yet release smoothly, the Sport Series line of shell holders effectively replaced our popular “Deuce” line of shell holders.

Rather than pulling shells straight out from this rig, you attack the shells from left to right (or right to left). Snatching the shells out of the holders as you come across. You’ll find that once the shells are out of the holder, they are almost right next to the loading port of your shotgun.

These shell holders are user friendly, no assembly required (except to your favorite belt attachment). Will work for both Right hand and left hand grab. You just orientate the rig so that the ‘lower’ end of the holders are to the side that the shells will come out.

Light weight, strong and versatile….there are no other shell holders on the planet that are more ergonomical than the TACCOM Sport Series!!

2 reviews for Sport Series 20S4 Chest Rig

  1. Ian Ferguson (verified owner)

    A little dissapointing, but understandable for the money.

    To start, shell caddies to accommodate 20 rounds would start at three or four times this price, in that regard it’s a bargain.

    The shell retention is very stiff, removing shells with precision will be very difficult, the force required makes them cock in my hand when removing 4 at a time, however it works very well for dual loading as it is easier to maintain a grip on 2 shells.

    The upper and lower she’ll retention are separate from each other and have play, this keeps the upper and lower shells from staying tightly together, this is exceptionally problematic for quadloading… 4/5 have minor play, the middle one has an unacceptable amount of play, I will be working on my own method of fixing thus carrier.

    Otherwise, this keeps your belt free, where it sits is very close to the loading port, you get 20 shells for only $80.

    Overall, for $80 and those being the only problems, it’s a perfect way to get into the sport without breaking the bank, this piece will probably be outgrown quickly but it will serve it’s purpose for the time being.

  2. John

    Shells are a bit difficult to draw, especially because the whole rig rotates around your torso when you pull on it. I will have to come up with a harness solution that loops over my neck and shoulders so that it stays in place in the center of my chest. Or maybe I can grow a big gut so it stops slipping down without tightening it so much that it restrict my breathing. Perhaps I can loosen up the shell holder tension a bit with a buffing wheel on the dremmel.

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