Recoil Cushion for AKV


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  • Replaces factory recoil block
  • Installs in minutes
  • Helps reduce felt recoil
  • Helps reduce muzzle rise
  • Uses a 24# wave spring
  • Engineered for long use
  • *Will NOT work with ARV*

In stock


The TACCOM recoil cushion is a direct replacement of the aluminum block and rubber cushion found on the recoil spring of your AKV. The bumper is made from ACETAL (Delrin) which is about the same durometer as the cushions found on AR15 buffers. Then we use a 25# wave spring to drastically slow the speed of your bolt before everything bottoms out. This helps reduce the felt recoil and rise of your firearm.

How much of a slow down?

Well, that is going to be dependent on your load and your ability. Installation is easy & the key to installation is that this will slip over the recoil spring; from the rear, not the front of the spring. We’ve designed the new block so that once installed, it will not move forward and really hugs the spring. We engineered this design to last for thousands of care free rounds.

3 reviews for Recoil Cushion for AKV

  1. Zombie (verified owner)

    This AKV recoil cushion is a quality item and the way that PSA should have designed their AKV recoil system from the start. It is a nice captured system. I didn’t like how the AK buffer in my AKV was not staying put. It was a cheep half thought out idea to fix a problem. Not to mention they installed it backwards to make it look better. This taccom3g AKV recoil cushion was a well thought out design. Bravo Zulu. I hope you make tons of money with this brilliant product of yours.

  2. scottl (verified owner)

    Wow ! Shipping was so fast I got whiplash . Ordered on Monday installed in my ak-v Friday afternoon . So glad this was in stock . You guys owe me a chiropractor visit . Thanks again for instant shipping .

  3. rndlmrtn (verified owner)

    Installation is easy and fast with a set of vice grips and something to pin the guide rods; it’s also possible with just the pin but I don’t recommend it. Swapped the recoil buffer out in under 5 minutes. No fit problems. The recoil cushion absorbs a little more recoil than the stock parts. Cycled 200 rounds through my AK-V and had no problems. Did notice a little bit better control. I’ve been running about 1K rounds a month through the firearm and will update this after I run another 3K rounds through it.

    Delivery was fast; 3 days from order to receiving the package USPS. I’m happy with the purchase.

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