Extreme “Short Stroke” Bolt AR15-9mm


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  • DLC Matrix Coating
  • Pivoting Extractor
  • Low drag, low weight key
  • 14.4oz
  • Works with both Glock and Colt magazines*
  • Allows for the Bolt hold open to function with a shorter stroked rifle.
  • Faster trigger reset
  • Comes with longer spacers to help shorten your stroke
  • COMPLETE READY TO DROP IN w/firing pin, extractor, key, etc.


NEW COATING!!!!: We’ve gone away from the Nickel Boron coating to a harder PVD coating……This coating is more of a smoke gray color, while this coating costs a little more, we’ve not increased the price. The Temporary pictures show the color oiled and raw. Don’t worry….these bolts come complete ready to drop in your firearm with extractor, firing pin, key, etc. The new DLC Matrix coating actually uses a hard chrome base with a diamond like finish over the base……just something else that will set TACCOM apart from the rest of the crowd!!

Are you ready for this? Taccom has taken the extreme 9mm to the absolute EXTREME! With the new TACCOM ESSB (extreme short stroke bolt). You can now shorten the stroke on your AR9 by almost 1” and still reset your trigger as well being able to utilize your “bolt hold open.” We’ve done this by cutting a cross slot in the bottom of the bolt so that now your “bolt hold open” can interphase with that slot to keep your bolt open when you run dry or just wanting to lock back the bolt.

Like all of our 9mm bolts, we use a standard mil spec proven 5.56 pivoting extractor for long service use.

Next, we did away with that heavy gas key and replaced it with a low drag, low weight orientation key; all that key does is keep your bolt from rotating, nothing else. No need to stake these bolts, you have 1/5 of the original key weight so it will not become loose and it will not shear your screws.

Our bolts are designed to run with our extreme feed barrels but will work equally as well with other standard 9mm AR15 barrels too! Yes, the bolt is rather extreme, but you need that to be a leader.

*While this bolt will work with Colt pattern magazines and barrels, you may not be able to shorten the stroke on your rifle as much due to the fact that the magazine is farther back on the receiver than the Glock Style lowers. This may also be true with using some mag inserts and MP5 magazines.

We do not recommend (nor is it needed) to shorten the stroke on the TACCOM delayed blow back system. However, the ESSB will allow for more dwell time on the disconnector of your trigger and help eliminate doubles with lower power rounds.

1 review for Extreme “Short Stroke” Bolt AR15-9mm

  1. oe (verified owner)

    Tim is very helpful every time I have a question. Bolt works flawlessly with BLITZK 5015HDCP Short Stroke Buffer System.

    This bolt is also very easy to wipe clean, overall no issues.

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