Pressure Plug for AR15-22LR


  • Installs in seconds without tools
  • Eliminates wear on lower receiver
  • Improves reliability of Drop-In kits and Dedicated Uppers
  • Will NOT work with M&P 15-22


Does your 22LR insert fit tight into your upper? Does it move back and forth? Did you know that the very top of your lower receiver takes all the recoil of your 22LR insert? You can eliminate all those problems by inserting the pressure plug in front of your buffer. The front of the plug has a taper that will allow you to open and close the weapon just like you always could. The pressure plug will apply a constant pressure on your insert, always keeping it in the most forward position when the rifle is in battery. Being about an inch and a half long, this plug gives an added cushion, utilizing your recoil spring to reduce the battering your lower receiver takes on recoil. You can install and remove the pressure plug in seconds with no tools….just push down on the buffer retainer and it goes in and out with ease. we designed the pressure plug to be used with your present AR15/M16 recoil system. If your lower is going to be used for both Rimfire and Centerfire, you will need to remove the plug for use with centerfire ammo. The good news is that if you would happen to forget to remove the plug….you are not in danger, the weapon will not be able to be charged, meaning that you will know that you have to remove the plug. This is great insurance against a potential damage to your lower and it will help improve the accuracy of your 22LT AR15, even if your collar has a spring detent, as there is still play between the rails and the collar


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