Remington TAC-14 Magpul Nylon Forearm Strap


  • Nylon strap
  • Strap keeps your hand from slipping off the forearm
  • Comes with steel backers for screws


Designed for the Remington TAC-14 you now have a safety strap enjoyed by the users of the Mossberg Shockwave. Utilizing the M-LOK slots, our strap is attached using 4 screws and 2 backer plates. Our durable webbed strap is 1.5″ wide made out of soft nylon webbing. This safety strap will keep your hand from slipping off the forearm while pumping, thus keeping your hand behind the muzzle of the firearm. Works with MAGPUL forearms for the TAC-14, 870 and Forearms for the Mossberg pump shot guns with the MAGPUL forearm installed. Assembly includes strap, backer plates and fasteners……GOOD NEWS!!! You should be able to install this strap without removing the forearm from the slide mechanism!! 12/5/17…….ALL NEW ORDERS SHIP WITH STEEL BACKERS


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