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Ruger PC Carbine Competition Package

$121.80 $112.95

(1 customer review)
  • Package comes with
    • Machined Delrin Magazine Funnel
    • Extended Mag Release Button
    • Charge Handle
    • Delrin Butt Plate
  • Machined funnel is made to work with both Glock & SR9 mags


Affordable and Smart accessories for your 9mm Ruger PC Carbine!

1 review for Ruger PC Carbine Competition Package

  1. Andrew Hernandez (verified owner)

    Ok I’ve been practicing with these components installed on my ruger 9mm pcc. I’ve haven’t been able to compete with it yet. But while practicing all I can say is “Very Smooth” with the operation of these components on the gun. I went with the over size button setup on the left side of the gun and my ability to drop the mag and slap a new one in have improved 10 fold. And the flaired magwell makes it so much easier to slide that mag in at pretty much every angle. The charging handle is a very nice touch with it being longer and a bit fatter. Racking it makes it feel alot more positive contact on the hand because its size.
    So with the setup the way it is on the ruger stock, it at total must have. You wont be disappointed!

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