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Super Feed 10/16 Barrel AR15-9mm


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  • 10” effective rifling (16″ total length)
  • 1:10” Twist rate
  • Pinned and welded
  • 1lb 3oz
  • Works with any standard 9mm bolt
  • Removable top ramp
  • Hand polished bottom feed ramp
  • If ordering for an FM9, please let us know in the comments during checkout so we can modify the feed ramp to work!


We’ve taken out extreme feed barrels to the absolute in feeding with our sure feed insert. This removable (top ramp) insert, when installed, restricts the nose of the bullet from ‘overshooting’ the chamber. This is actually a very common practice that has been used in 1911 pistols forever! While using this insert requires a simple modification to your bolt, you can run the barrel without the insert as well; until you make up your mind if you want to have us make that modification to your bolt (free of charge).  You still have use of our patent pending extreme feed ramp that can be used with any stand 9mm bolt on the market today.

The multi port extension will tame our 10” barrel like no other, we’ve engineered this design to use the most gas available today with many more ports than you normally would see on an extended muzzle device. We also have kept the overall weight of this barrel to a minimum only weighing at 4 ounces more than our ever popular 16” ULW barrel. This will allow for full control of your muzzle rise in competition and still allow for quick swings from target to target. TACCOM times and welds this extension prior to plating to ensure a smoother, cleaner looking end product.

1 review for Super Feed 10/16 Barrel AR15-9mm

  1. John M (verified owner)

    As a USPSA PCC shooter I’m looking for three things in a barrel:
    I’ve tried a variety of combinations from 16” medium profile barrels that shot soft with a gentle cyclic rate but felt like a tank during transitions, to the 5” ULW barrels. In my opinion, this is by far the best PCC barrel I’ve come across. The 10” of effective rifling gives me a fast, sharp recoil impulse which is settles very quickly and the huge brake stabilizes the muzzle extremely well. It just runs flat and FAST. If you’re coming from a longer heavier barrel it won’t be as soft and gentle, but if you pay attention to the dot movement you’ll find that it’s very stable under recoil and predictable.

    Top and bottom feed ramps mean that it’s running JHP like butter and accuracy is expectedly superb.

    Interestingly enough, I’m seeing higher power factor with the 10/16 than I’ve seen compared to the 13/16, old 14.5” or 5” ULW barrel, so 10” of barrel must be the sweet spot at least with my load.

    I like it so much I just grabbed a second one to build a back up gun before heading to Nationals.

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