Sport Series 16S2 Chest Rig


(5 customer reviews)
  • Holds 16 – 12 gauge shells
  • Strong, light weight, great shell retention, smooth release
  • Designed for load 2 method of shotgun loading


Designed to have great shell retention, yet release smoothly, the Sport Series line of shell holders effectively replaced our popular “Deuce” line of shell holders.

Rather than pulling shells straight out from this rig, you attack the shells from left to right (or right to left). Snatching the shells out of the holders as you come across. You’ll find that once the shells are out of the holder, they are almost right next to the loading port of your shotgun.

These shell holders are user friendly, no assembly required (except to your favorite belt attachment). Will work for both Right hand and left hand grab. You just orientate the rig so that the ‘lower’ end of the holders are to the side that the shells will come out.

Light weight, strong and versatile….there are no other shell holders on the planet that are more ergonomical than the TACCOM Sport Series!!

5 reviews for Sport Series 16S2 Chest Rig

  1. Pat (verified owner)

    I used this chest rig in a 3-Gun match and it worked flawlessly. It held plenty of shells and with a little practice it loaded very smoothly. I prefer the load two over load four. I also like the chest rig because it is not in the way when you bend down.

  2. Dave (verified owner)

    Good quality rig that holds all rounds securely and is quick and easy to load from. This chest rig is well worth the price. I highly recommend this product!

  3. Tommie (verified owner)

    Received the rig and couldn’t wait to take it out and beat the snot out of it! Took it out on a freezing muddy day last Saturday and ran 300 rounds down the JM930. Ran great, took the beating in the freezing weather and worked like a champ.

    The belt for the rig was adjustable enough for our 30″ waist shooter up to our 44″-er! We took turns running it through the course. Not a hitch if we did our part. I’d highly recommend this for new competition shotgunners as that’s what we are!

    Hoping the others order one of these or the other set ups. I know one of us wants to do the 4 Up Loading. My little paws can’t manage 4 at a time so, this 2 Up is awesome!

  4. hooverjc52 (verified owner)

    This is my first piece of 3 gun equipment. It is well made and fits very nice around chest. Will be using it this coming weekend for practice and a shoot. Ordered some dummy rounds for testing! The only problem is mine did not have tour logo on it and confused me when ask to be sure they are upright! I see them now on your site pic. If you send them I will install. Thanks

  5. k.b.sandhu (verified owner)

    Ordered this last Tuesday for a shotgun match last Sunday. Ended up getting the package on Thursday.

    Worked flawlessly, only if my shotgun ran as well.
    Having never used a shotshell caddy, using this was basically second nature. Did some pretty damn quick reloads on the clock. Very happy with my purchase. Would recommend to anyone and everyone

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