Standard Bolt AR15-9mm


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  • Black Nitride finish
  • Stainless Steel
  • Works only with AR-9mm barrels
  • 14.9 ounces
  • Works with both Glock and Colt magazines
  • “Dog-bone” style key for faster cleaning*

In stock


Uses the proven standard mil spec 5.56 pivoting extractor for long service use.

Black Nitride will give low drag, and are easy to clean.

Removable carrier weight, to work with rod-centered recoil systems.

Correct geometry for cocking the hammer, compatible with MOST triggers on the market today, we’ve not found one that does not work with this bolt yet.

Pretty much identical to our extreme 9mm bolt except for the key and finish. This bolt will work with our ramped barrels.

*Allows for faster bolt removal without removing charge handle / Also designed for not needing to worry about anything slamming and breaking this key

5 reviews for Standard Bolt AR15-9mm

  1. Greg Herrell (verified owner)

    This bolt is without a doubt the best thing on the market for PCC. It’s the correct dimensions. It uses a .556 extractor. The lightened gas key is a must for the $10 upgrade. Finally, and most important. The bolt is machined to make your hammer reset properly and early in the stroke. Other bolts will fail to reset if you are running a shortened stroke or a stiff 3rd stage in your buffer.

  2. Bruce Solender (verified owner)

    Works like a champ. I should have bought it sooner!!

  3. jwinter1973 (verified owner)

    Made this part of my first PCC build on a dedicated 9mm lower running a side charging upper with Colt mags, took her to the range today ahead of her first match next weekend and she ran like a champ, I spared no expense and ran the cheapest bulk 115g 9mm I could find.
    So…..Yes the Std 9mm BCG with the Enhanced key is now my go to 9mm Colt BCG I’m also running the Taccom buffer and each and every time thus far I have had BHO.


  4. Lukas Brechbill (verified owner)

    Great bcg for 9mm builds. Firing pin is very good quality too. At first the extractor was very tight which made it difficult to pick up a round and go fully into battery, but removing the extractor o-ring made that much easier. Put a few hundred rounds through it so far and not a single issue.

  5. parvie1026 (verified owner)

    Tried this BCG today and very happy with the performance. Now I know why TACCOM is highly recommended on all the forums I’ve visited. Also their customer service is excellent and even got an immediate response from my concerns the same day (Sunday). Great company.

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