PCC Adjustable Recoil System for AR15-9mm


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  • Designed for carbine buffer tube length
  • For use in blow back actions only
  • Comes with either Enhanced Carbine Spring or flat wire spring*
  • 6.2 ounces
  • 3 stage action
  • Allows for the BHO to function
  • If you need a spacer for a rifle length buffer tube, let us know in the comment section at checkout! 


The TACCOM adjustable PCC buffer system is one of the first systems out there that not only allows you to change the buffer spring to your desired liking, it also allows for a 2nd  stage, the final ½ of travel to also be adjusted so that the buffer doesn’t slam into the end of the buffer tube and in effect reduce felt recoil.

Adding the TACCOM cushion is basically adding a 3rd stage that will keep the shock down from the entire bolt/buffer on the rebound, hitting the backend of your barrel. This cushion is between the bolt and buffer and helps smooth out the entire cycle of the rifle.

*Flat wire spring option has longer life span than that of a traditional carbine spring!

We’ve now added the “SHORT STROKE” cushion for the 3rd stage in the package. While this short stroke cushion will not allow for the BHO to function, reducing the the travel of the bolt in both directions will further reduce felt recoil and sight bounce allowing you come back to point of aim faster.

Additional information

Spring Variation

Enhanced Carbine Spring, Flat Wire Spring

18 reviews for PCC Adjustable Recoil System for AR15-9mm

  1. Phil Underwood (verified owner)

    Works perfect. This is a tried and true setup. Using a QC10 lower and Taccom upper. Highly recommenced. Best setup on the market and price ..A+

  2. Jon (verified owner)

    This buffer system is awesome! It’s works better then all the other system. The recoil impulse is so smooth now, tracking the dot is a breeze.

  3. wagner130 (verified owner)

    This works perfectly, and was easy to install on my Palmetto PCC carbine. I think for the price, it was a good value. I had questions that were answered quickly by the staff, shipping was reasonable and most important, the Buffer does reduce felt recoil.

  4. Mark (verified owner)

    Swapped out another captured buffer system (not JP) and immediately can tell the difference in the recoil impulse. Considering the price and the results, it’s really a great value. With a comp, my PCC is running so flat that I don’t even have to worry so much about managing recoil for the follow-up shots just on movement and transitions.

  5. james johnson (verified owner)

    this works better than any combination i have now

  6. Brad Alsop (verified owner)

    Highly recommended. I am running this recoil system with a QC-10 lower and JP bolt and it functions flawlessly. Additionally, it has a noticeably lower recoil impulse compared to some of my fellow USPSA shooters running different systems.

  7. Craig Fowler (verified owner)

    Installed this in my ATI 9mm PCC and it feels real good . Softened up the felt recoil.. Taccom products are the bomb!!

  8. shadow1 (verified owner)

    Installed this on a Frontier Armory lower with a Taccom ramped barrel and Extreme BCG.
    The lower also has a Franklin Armory Binary trigger.
    This is the answer to bolt bounce with the BFS lll.
    Works great!!

  9. fladings (verified owner)

    Great product

  10. Steel Dragon (verified owner)

    Wow, gone through 3 different buffer systems and finally found what I like. It does help keep the red dot from bouncing a lot and speeds up transitions. It’s a keeper.

  11. Joe C Hoover (verified owner)

    I purchased this recoil system after getting two other brands and while waiting to get a Taccom ramped tension barrel, still waiting for it, but then bought the Taccom ramped Ultra Light weight to try, in the mean while I was trying all of the recoil and buffer set ups with my original barrel. I then put on the ULW Taccom barrel and when I went to put in the buffer system I could not find the internal spring. I called and spoke with Tim and said I wanted to purchase the spring and he said “I won’t sell you the spring, but if you me email your address we will send you one.” I got the replacement spring today and in less than one week, EXCELLENT SERVICE and PRODUCT SUPPORT. Now to get it installed and tested before our monthly steel challenge match this weekend. So far I have the Taccom bolt, ULW barrel with carbon fiber hand guard and now a complete recoil system. Can’t say enough good things about Tim and his company at this time, now if I can cut off 10 or more seconds this weekend!

  12. RETT GOINGS (verified owner)

    Didn’t have a single issue at the range together. This baby makes the recoil in my brace very insignificant. Allowed my LRBHO to work flawlessly without any modification (angstad arms receiver)

  13. Ian (verified owner)

    Works flawlessly with my Stern Defense adapter, PSA BCG and Velocity 3.5 lb trigger. Very flat shooting and very smooth. Best upgrade I ever did with my PCC.

  14. Scott Muller (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase. Noticeable drop in recoil from my stock buffer. Much better feel and quicker target acquisition on follow-up shots. I would highly recommend.

  15. Mitchell

    After lots of research I purchased the Taccom 3 stage buffer system for my Quarter Circle 10 lower build, 16 inch BA barrel, VG6 comp, FM9 bolt, Timney PCC trigger. Dropped it in and went to run it in a match with my 132 PF loads. Ran flawlessly, significantly reduced dot bounce and felt recoil. Very pleased with this purchase.

  16. buddyian (verified owner)

    Must have for anyone trying to build an AR9! I wanted to build an AR9 with a binary trigger in it, but found out pretty quick that it wasn’t going to be as easy as a standard ar-15 due to the use of a blowback system rather than a gas system. However, after much research, I decided to run this buffer system along with the taccom 9mm extreme bolt, and let me tell you, my gun runs flawlessly. I have not had any issues with hammer follow or jamming. I’m a big believer in taccoms products now and will definitely use their stuff in my future builds.

  17. Asher B (verified owner)

    Very happy.. fair price+fast shipping.. Great job Taccom!

  18. Frank W. (verified owner)

    Works really well with my EPC-9. Thank you!

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