//Taccom PCC Adjustable Buffer System
taccom pcc adjustable buffer system
taccom pcc adjustable buffer systemtaccom pcc adjustable recoil system pic2

Taccom PCC Adjustable Buffer System

$79.95 $69.95

  • For carbine buffer tubes only
  • For use in blow back actions only
  • Comes with TACCOM Rifle spring
  • 6.2 ounces
  • 2 stage action
  • Allows for the BHO to functioin

Product Description

The TACCOM 2 stage PCC buffer system is one of the first systems out there that not only allows you to change the buffer spring to your desired liking, it also allows for the 2nd stage, the final ½ of travel to also be adjusted so that the buffer doesn’t slam into the end of the buffer tube and in effect reduce felt recoil.

The second stage is adjustable from 0 to 11 pounds preload and 11 to 22 pounds final load. The idea of course, is to have a functioning BHO and allow for the buffer to just kiss the delrin pad. You’ll feel less recoil and notice less sight movement with the TACCOM 2 stage PCC Buffer system


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