Standoff Extension for Shockwave and Tac13/14


  • Breacher variation has 3 hardened steel prongs that aid in stabilizing the muzzle for door breaching
  • Breacher variation allows for a ‘gap’ between the end of the muzzle and close target
  • All extensions add one shell to the capacity of the magazine tube in most cases
  • Knurled body allows for easy on/off with no tools


TACCOM extensions for the Shockwave, TAC-14 and TAC-13 allow you to add one extra shell in the factory tube while still using the original factory magazine tube spring.

With the standoff extensions, you will not have to worry about the muzzle getting blocked off before shooting. The extensions will add about an inch to the overall length and the standoff extensions will add about 2” to the overall length of the weapon.

NOTE: Mossberg extensions will NOT work with most 500 models unless they have an end cap that allows for shells to freely pass thru the forward end of the magazine tube like in the case of the shockwave or 590 models.

Additional information

Extension Variation

.410 Mossberg Shockwave, .410 Mossberg Shockwave with Breacher, 20ga Mossberg Shockwave, 20ga Mossberg Shockwave with Breacher, 12ga Mossberg Shockwave, 12ga Mossberg Shockwave with Breacher, 20ga Remington Tac14, 20ga Remington Tac14 with Breacher, 12ga Remington Tac13/14, 12ga Remington Tac13/14 with Breacher


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