Universal Drop Rig


  • Works with TEKLOK (sold separately), TMMS and ELS.
  • Articulates at the hip joint, no loss of motion.
  • Comes with quick detach leg strap. 2 point attachment, belt and thigh. Remove the rig in seconds.
  • 3/4″ mount spacing allows you to mount TACCOM, Carbon Arms’ and Invictus Practical shell holders.


We call it the Universal Drop Rig as it’s not just for shotgun shell holders…..you can mount magazine pouches, holsters, etc. to this rig. You can mount all types of your gear to your leg without the loss motion.

You can run, jump or go prone and it feels natural, like the rig is literally part of your body.

Designed to be mounted on your belt at the hip bone with any popular belt attachment and secured to your leg with the quick release strap. You can take this rig on or off in seconds.

This rig comes bare, with no shell holders so that you can add your own (from any company no less)….or customize as you see fit.

Make the TACCOM Universal Drop Rig part of your 3 gun game arsenal and never look back.


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