Barrel Extension for 15-22P


  • Black anodized aluminum
  • Adds 8.25” to factory pistol barrel
  • Overlaps factory barrel by .625” for a strong connection
  • Extension weighs 2oz
  • Makes the 1522P barrel a legal 16” rifle barrel 
  • Must be attached permanently per ATF guide lines
  • **Can purchase the extension or send in your 1522P for modification (scroll down to learn more)


**How to get started:

  • Send your barrel to us with cash or check
    • (please make checks payable to “TACCOM”)
    • You can also purchase the option in the drop down and send your purchase order along with your barrel instead of cash or check
  • We modify your barrel (1-2 day window)
  • We ship it back with tracking if email is provided
  • For USPS please send to: PO BOX 431, Dassel, MN, 55325 
  • For UPS/FedEx please send to: 131 Parker Ave W, Dassel, MN, 55325 
  • Total cost for the extension, attachment and shipping is $75.00

Adding the TACCOM barrel extension to your 1522P barrel and having it permanently attached will satisfy the ATF requirements for a legal 16” rifle barrel.

Additional information


Extension alone, Send barrel in for extension modification


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