Barrel Modification for Tippmann M4-22

  • Modification cost: $50 per barrel
  • 16″ non-fluted Tippmann barrels only
  • Removes over 1lb of weight**


  •  How to get started:
    • Send your barrel to us with cash or check
      • (please make checks payable to “Taccom”)
    • We modify your barrel (1-2 day window)
    • We ship it back with tracking if email is provided


  •  For USPS please send to: PO BOX 431, Dassel, MN, 55325
  •  For UPS/FedEx please send to: 131 Parker Ave W, Dassel, MN, 55325


Here at TACCOM, we do not make a barrel for the M4-22, but we will modify your barrel!

**We will take your 16” TIPPMANN ARMS M4-22 barrel, cut it down, re-crown, press fit an aluminum sleeve, then blind pin and cover weld (per ATF) to make your barrel an accurate, ULW TACCOM style barrel. YES we are going to remove over 1 pound from your barrel! All you need to do is, is send your 16″ non fluted TIPPMAN M4-22 barrel in and we will modify your barrel and send it back to you.

We cut the barrel weight down to about 10 ounces and people are falling in love with how easy it is to swing the TIPPMANN M4-22 from target to target with the TACCOM ULW barrel modification.

Typically, we turn your barrel around in about a day or so and send it right back to you!

Unfortunately, we can only do this to 16” non-fluted barrels. 


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