Buffer Spacer for S&W Response


  • 3/4” aluminum cushion
  • 25# wave spring, .62” travel
  • Designed for the S&W Response using the TACCOM adjustable 9mm buffer
  • Will also work with the TACCOM ESSB Bolt and the TACCOM adjustable 9mm buffer combination
  • Includes (2) optional 3/8” spacers, aluminum cushion and wave spring


Getting your S&W Response to have softer recoil and less muzzle rise is what the TACCOM recoil system is all about!! As our adjustable recoil system was designed for the more standard ‘AR15’ 9mm platform, we found out that we needed to add a 1.125” spacer to make our system work for the response (.75” cushion and .375” spacer). We could have just made a solid spacer, but decided to see if we could ‘beef’ up the second stage some sense we had all this extra room……and WOW!! What a soft recoil and VERY LITTLE muzzle rise we obtained!.


Using the aluminum cushion and spring will also work with our ESSB/Adjustable 9mm recoil system combination.


We have not tested this system with other recoil systems…..but you have the dimensions to see if it may work for you.


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