Hard Charge Handle for S&W FPC


  • Replaces the factory charge handle
  • Allows for solid, hassle free charging
  • ‘Hook’ and charge with authority using one finger
  • Allows for charging weapon with shorter magazines inserted in factory buttstock
  • Eliminates the fold/lock feature
  • Will not break


The new hard charge handle will change the way you charge this weapon!! You can be more aggressive, charge the weapon while still ‘mounted’. The slide is steel construction, the handle is ¾” Delrin held in place by a grade 5 machine screw.  You can literally wrap your ‘bogger hooker’ around the charge handle and feel positive that you are not going to slip off, or even have to actually think about finger placement!! Also…….if you’ve had the factory charge handle ‘tickle’ your face while shooting…..this will eliminate that heart ache.


You do need to ask yourself if locking your weapon while folded and in the case is a deal breaker for you or not being able to store the longer magazines in the factory buttstock is a deal breaker. We feel that having a solid non-breakable, easy to engage charge handle trumps the two other lesser features. I personally, keep a longer magazine in the buttstock and it is the first magazine I use…..all other magazines are on my body. As for the factory folded locking feature…..my weapon is strapped in the case and the very first thing I do when retrieving it from the case is to unfold it.


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