Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Handguard (blowback)


  • Made out of Flake Carbon Fiber
  • .1” wall thickness
  • Aluminum barrel nut
  • Small diameter for better grip
  • 14.5″ length
  • 6.5 oz total weight 
  • Works great with ULW barrels
  • Blow back actions only!


Our new Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Hand guard is STRONG!! And still amazingly light at 6.5 ounces!! We went with a flake style layered carbon fiber, just to change it up some. We increased the wall thickness to .1” and by doing so, we have a hand guard that will withstand ANY punishment you can give.

The aluminum barrel nut is installed with a standard adjustable crescent wrench and the carbon fiber is orientated to either have the large ports up to allow brake gas to escape or to allow the Mlock slots to be at 12, 3, 6 and 9 so that you can attach rail sections for iron sights, lasers. This aluminum nut is now 2” long has an incredible fit to the carbon fiber tube so it will not wobble, and is held together with 4 screws making for a very stable hand guard that will take the use and abuse of competition.

NOTE: On the S&W FPC……..while the MLOK slot or other opening will allow for the complete folding of the barrel section, there is no provision for locking in place via the factory charge handle. The lock can sometimes be a hinderance for fast deployment of the weapon. You will still have a compact folding rifle, just like the factory intended.

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Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Green


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