Recoil Cushion for SIG MPX


(16 customer reviews)
  • Replaces the Factory Bumper on the back of the receiver
  • Installs in minutes
  • Helps reduce felt recoil
  • Uses a 25# waves spring and clear hard Polyurethane
  • Engineered for long use


The TACCOM Recoil Cushion is a direct replacement for the factory bumper found on the back of the lower receiver. Our bumper is made out of the same hardness polyurethane as the factory, but we have a 25# wave spring to drastically lower the speed of the bolt before impact. This helps reduce felt recoil and well, just makes the firearm ‘feel’ better too! Installation is easy, just remove the factory bumper with an allen key and replace with our assembly. For disassembly, both take downs will need to be pushed out and the upper slid forward slightly to separate, very simple!

16 reviews for Recoil Cushion for SIG MPX

  1. Derek

    Love this fast ship great price

  2. Edwin G

    I received mine a few days after ordering online. The installation instructions are straightforward. The product looks solid once installed.
    I tested with the stock rubber cushion vs. TACCOM cushion.My impression is the bolt comes back quicker with the TACCOM cushion compared to the stock cushion. The MPX is already soft shooting platform but I can see the benefit of this product in certain situations in competition.
    I shot a 7-stage match with the TACCOM cushion installed and had no issues. My impression is somewhat confirmed when I shot an array of 15+ steel poppers. The poppers were engaged in 3 different and awkward positions. I felt the sight recovery and follow through is much easier compared to my past experience with the stock cushion.

    My MPX loads I tested it with are 115gr FMJ and 124 gr JHP, with power factor at 142 and 138 respectively. For the match, I mainly used the 115gr FMJ’s.

    I’ll continue to evaluate this product and may post updates. So far I believe this product deserves a try if you have an MPX.

    CONS: A minor annoyance, when disassembling the upper as you have to remove the front takedown pin first before the rear. It does say it on the instruction so I guess I just have to get used to it. 🙂

  3. Anil “Isaiah”Lalani (verified owner)

    Great product.. running with 147g ammo and almost no recoil with this product!! Taccom always produce great products to give you the competitive edge in sports shooting!! Thank you taccom!! Hope one day I can be sponsor by taccom!!

  4. tomdetko (verified owner)

    This reduces recoil- absolutely. Get you one!

  5. TY101688 (verified owner)

    There is a slight reduction in recoil impulse in the MPX. It does make it a little more difficult to take upper off of the lower. I used it on my MPX in the Area 5 PCC Championship. Gun ran flawless, I would recommend this product.

  6. Michael Jones Jr (verified owner)

    This recoil buffer was recommended to me by my group. I made the purchase and did the installation. Took it out the range and it took me by surprise.

    The Recoil for a 9mm is light in its self, but it made it a smooth impulse as I fired. Like a smooth sewing machine. I then did some double Taps on a few of thr close range targets. It was substantially easier to transition from target to target. Combining it with the omega9k suppressor it was made the action of shooting non existence.

    I would highly recommend this product for those that are competing and for those that would like to smooth out the mpx recoil to a light impulse.

  7. Sean S (verified owner)

    Had the buffer recommended to my by a friend who shoots PCC. Took a while to order, since they were almost always sold out right after a new batch was made, but was able to get on the waiting list. Once recieved, install was a breeze, couldn’t be simpler. First range report is that felt recoil is less, which allowed for more accurate and quick follow up shots, as the rifle did not climb as much on a shot to shot basis. Price is on point, and I highly recommend this to anyone, both competitors and recreational shooters alike.

  8. glennoberbeck (verified owner)

    It works. Better than expected. Reduced my Steel Challenge time by 10 seconds.

  9. crimper99 (verified owner)

    I heard good thing about the cushion so I ordered one. Works great and looks like it should last a long time. I shoot PCC in USPSA so time will tell how it does. One match on it so far and still looks new.

    Thanks for a quality, affordable product. Hard to find these days.

  10. William

    This makes a worthwhile improvement to the MPX. On my shooting team I have athletes shooting the H&K 94, the MPX, JP GMR15 and Quarter Circle 10. There is much discussion among the athletes on which rifle is smoothest and easiest to shoot. The cushion from TACCOM has put the MPX into the category of the H&K 94 for smoothness. It is not an over-hyped ‘game-changer’ but it will smooth out the bump of the carrier hitting the factory buffer during recoil. It is a worthy upgrade that seems to have no downside.

  11. Johnathan Stoor (verified owner)

    I thought the MPX had little to zero recoil before…….then came the Taccom Buffer! Almost zero felt recoil or bounce! With this small improvement, you can hold right on target for follow on shot. Speed shooting (accurately) is a breeze! The trade off for fit (it’s a little tight in the upper) is well worth it. If you’re going to run an MPX for competition this is a MUST have!

  12. nomadrider1204 (verified owner)

    I felt a slight reduction in recoil and muzzle rise which reduced my time back on target. Softening the carrier hit on the recoil buffer can only be a good thing that will increase BCG life. For the money it’s well worth the investment

  13. Chris Cuddington (verified owner)

    Mine broke immediately. Garbage gimmick. Bottom plastic plate broke in 3 spots. Difficult to take off upper. Wouldn’t recommend.

    • MU

      Instructions say:
      “Next, REMOVE THE ROUND DISC ON THE TACCOM RECOIL CUSHION AND DISCARD, you will not be using this disc, it was only used to keep the assembly together during shipping.”

  14. Michael Sand (verified owner)

    I saw this and liked the concept and price and noticed an improvement in felt recoil on my MPX SBR with side folding stock the first day I shoot it at the range.
    I used blue locktite when i installed it took less than 5 minutes to install

  15. Keith (verified owner)

    Installed it in a couple of minutes and now my MPX has almost no recoil. I would recommend this product and the price is right as well.

  16. David (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my MPX about a year ago and since then I have put it through its paces. First off I tested this with and without using my suppressor. I didn’t notice much of a difference when shooting without the suppressor — of which I use it 99% of the time. Let’s be honest, the MPX doesn’t have very much recoil to begin with. Trying to tame or make better something that’s almost non existent is difficult at best. Using a suppressor is where I noticed a big difference in performance. I assume it’s due to the increased gas blow back generated from the suppressor. Either way, the action is a lot smoother and faster. I shoot 147 and 158 grain and the recoil from the heavier round is a lot softer when the action slams back to cycle another round. This is where I feel a noticeable difference. The only draw back which isn’t much of one is when it comes to disassembly. When you break down the MPX, it’s a little harder to separate the upper from the lower. You get used to what needs to be done quickly and it’s a done deal from that point on. Thus far over 5000 rounds have been sent down the barrel and I have not had one issue with jamming of any kind. I recommend this product to anyone especially when it helps your equipment to last longer. For the price you can’t go wrong…..

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