Complete Competition Package #1 for Ruger PC Carbine


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  • 7% discounted bundle
  • Package comes with
    • Machined Delrin Magazine Funnel (will not fit pistol grip model)
    • Extended Mag Release Button
    • Charge Handle
    • Delrin Butt Plate
    • Black anodized aluminum 1/2-28 Short Muzzle Brake
  • Machined funnel is made to work with both Glock & SR9 mag

Out of stock

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Affordable and Smart accessories for your 9mm Ruger PC Carbine!

5 reviews for Complete Competition Package #1 for Ruger PC Carbine

  1. JOSEPH YOUNG (verified owner)

    I like most of the upgrades except the extended mag release has to much flex in it. Probably would have been better to use an aluminum bar instead of plastic. Everything installed easily. I would buy this again and I would still recommend it even with that one minor drawback.

  2. dugandvic (verified owner)

    Chargeing handle ,mag button ,magwell, work well and is worth the money. The lever to release the mag on the right side Doesnt work period unless your finger is two inch longer than a human finger .
    The other parts make the gun faster to run. But if your counting on a right index finder mag release ,this lever will not do the job.

  3. veyordan (verified owner)

    Great customer service. I appreciated hearing back from Tim when I had questions about instructions and installation methods. PC Carbine looks as functions great with add-ons.

  4. Robert Morrow

    The best money that I’ve spent on gun in long time. Great quality everything fit perfect. I will recommend you to everyone.
    Thank you.

  5. james

    I have other Taccom3g products mostly quad loaders for shotgun.

    I ordered, received, installed, and used the Ruger PC Carbine Complete Competition Package kit. Here are my thoughts.

    – you can see tool groves on the outside of the comp not polished or quality checked before blueing
    – high gloss not flat black like the rest of the weapon. (charging handle matches gun, but not comp)
    – had to by a space washer/peel washer to fit & also had to grin/buff the base to get it to fit
    – seems to reduce recoil a little.
    – would have returned this part if i had not bought it as a group

    Charging handle.
    – great piece, looks good
    – is about 1/2 inch longer the stock handle
    – feels good in hand, easy to grip even with gloves on.
    – black matches the stock barrel on my PCC

    Mag well funnel
    – snaps on easy without fitting or other parts needed.
    – made mag changes easier and was able to get within a second or so of an AR mag change
    – looks nice, can see light machining groves on the inside of the well (nothing like the comp)
    – dose not all too much bulk to the mag area

    Base pad
    – about the same as the stock on.
    – would have returned this item if had not came with the package.

    Extended Mag Release Button
    – works great.
    – have a few issues with it releasing due to me grabbing the mag well area (user issue not the part)
    – easy to put on the extended mag lever, covers all the silver of the lever.

    extended lever
    – this is a must have
    – stock one sucks, this has a good feel to it with the button on it
    – would like it to be blued not just silver

    I can’t say I would buy this package if I bought another Ruger PCC. I would only buy the parts listed below and saved money.
    -I would buy the extended Mag Release Button, extended lever, mag well, and charging handle.
    -I would not buy the comp or but pad as they had issues or the stock part was just as good.

    Hope this helps for others with Ruger PCC.

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