Machined Magazine Funnel for Ruger PC Carbine


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(5 customer reviews)
  • Works with SR9 and Glock Magazines
  • Snaps on the Ruger factory stock with no tools
  • Makes inserting replacement magazines easy and fast
  • Made from Black Delrin
  • Stock grip models 19100-19112
  • Pistol grip models 19122, 19124, & 19126
  • Easy to install


The TACCOM machined magazine funnel for the Ruger PC Carbine is not only a great looking piece of hardware for your rifle, it will make your magazine reloads much faster! You will not have to hunt for the opening, the funnel will guide the magazine in with ease.

Made from Black Delrin, not only is the funnel strong, it is also very slippery so the magazine will glide right on their way to the opening.

Additional information

Ruger PCC Model

Stock Grip, Pistol Grip

5 reviews for Machined Magazine Funnel for Ruger PC Carbine

  1. ramills1 (verified owner)

    Such a simple thing, really. The fit is perfect. You just have to bang on it with your palm a couple of time to get it to snap in. It really does assist in lining up a magazine. In a tight situation, you want every little advantage you can have. You just get the new magazine anywhere near the opening, and it just guides it in.
    Very well made. Well worth the money.
    Wsh I would have had somethng like it a long time ago in a galaxy far away when I humped an M-16. Our idea of a high capacity magazine, was two magazines taped together, that you flipped and reinserted.

  2. mtmsafety66 (verified owner)

    Fit and finish are very good. Helps with magazine changes with no snags or hang-ups. Easy to install too. Highly recommend it!

  3. Lee (verified owner)

    Great addition, Install was super easy. Fit and finish are awesome. Love the Delrin vs 3d printing. Delrin is super slick and durable.

  4. flyjigs (verified owner)

    Love the funnel . Easy to install. Great fitup. Smooth operation of inserting a magazine.

  5. pacocleo51 (verified owner)

    I had a problem with mine and Taccom took care of it immediately. Great product, being made of Delrin is a great choice. It’s hard and stays very slick I have used Delrin in knife handles due to it being a tough polymer.
    Don’t even really have to look to do a mag change now.
    Can’t say enough about the product and the company. Buying more of their upgrades.

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