Mag Release Button for Ruger PC Carbine


(8 customer reviews)
  • Super fast magazine changes
  • Simple installation
  • Stainless steel post
  • Large button


The TACCOM Magazine release button is fastest thing going for changing magazines on your Ruger PC Carbine. Easy to install, Easy to use and with a little practice, you can do a magazine change as fast as anyone with an AR15 in 9mm as well. Our mag release is only one of many parts that will make the Ruger PC Carbine a very competitive and/or defensive weapon.

8 reviews for Mag Release Button for Ruger PC Carbine

  1. Ryan Canady (verified owner)

    This is a must have for the Ruger pcc !
    Easy installation , great fit. The only way to drop Mags quickly.
    Thanks Tim for a great product!

  2. K0gar (verified owner)

    Exactly what i was looking for! This button is huge. I can access it with either my pointer, middle, and even my pinkie. I would definetly recommend this to any PCC owner!!! Installation couldn’t be easier!

  3. mtmsafety66 (verified owner)

    Must have add on. Installed in just a few minutes and works very well. No issues with the factory Ruger magazine. No issues with Glock, KCI, SMG, or ETS magazines. I have not tried Magpul’s yet, but don’t anticipate any issues with those either. I highly recommend it.

  4. fred5110 (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product and well made. Huge difference in finding the button for fast magazine changes. Was a little confused on the install put the picture on the web page cleared it up. This is a real key upgrade in my opinion.

  5. Michael Dupuis (verified owner)

    This is a must have addition for the Ruger works great ! So easy to find when you need it.

  6. flyjigs (verified owner)

    A must have addition for the Ruger PC9. Makes magazine release so much smoother and easy. Love it.

  7. Bill Kasdorf

    As the others have said:
    1) A MUST-HAVE if you own one of these PCC’s.
    2) Instructions are accurate ………. but not that immediately obvious ….. installs quickly.
    3) The included bar works GREAT!
    4) Tim: You need to offer a light weight pistol-grip rear stock with adjustable LOP.

  8. HK (verified owner)

    IMHO, this is the fastest, most efficient mag release currently available for the PC Carbine. If you have caught the upgrade bug like me, than this is a great initial upgrade for your carbine. I’m able to just slide my support hand back and just bump the release slightly to drop the mag. Hopefully TacCom will also be releasing an additional, even larger mag release. My order actually came with an additional derelin attachment that is larger and even faster than the original button release. I actually prefer it over the button attachment. It works just fine with my carbine, and I just have a free float rail on mine. Many thanks to Tim, for making such awesome upgrades available for the PC Carbine!

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