Ruger Mag Release Button


(7 customer reviews)
  • Super fast magazine changes
  • Simple installation
  • Stainless steel post
  • Large delrin button


The TACCOM Magazine release button is fastest thing going for changing magazines on your Ruger PC Carbine. Easy to install, Easy to use and with a little practice, you can do a magazine change as fast as anyone with an AR15 in 9mm as well. We designed the release in 2 pieces so that you can use it with the HUGE button or remove it and still have a magazine release that has much easier access than the factory release. Our mag release is only one of many parts that will make the Ruger PC Carbine a very competitive and/or defensive weapon.

7 reviews for Ruger Mag Release Button

  1. Ryan Canady (verified owner)

    This is a must have for the Ruger pcc !
    Easy installation , great fit. The only way to drop Mags quickly.
    Thanks Tim for a great product!

  2. K0gar (verified owner)

    Exactly what i was looking for! This button is huge. I can access it with either my pointer, middle, and even my pinkie. I would definetly recommend this to any PCC owner!!! Installation couldn’t be easier!

  3. mtmsafety66 (verified owner)

    Must have add on. Installed in just a few minutes and works very well. No issues with the factory Ruger magazine. No issues with Glock, KCI, SMG, or ETS magazines. I have not tried Magpul’s yet, but don’t anticipate any issues with those either. I highly recommend it.

  4. fred5110 (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product and well made. Huge difference in finding the button for fast magazine changes. Was a little confused on the install put the picture on the web page cleared it up. This is a real key upgrade in my opinion.

  5. Michael Dupuis (verified owner)

    This is a must have addition for the Ruger works great ! So easy to find when you need it.

  6. flyjigs (verified owner)

    A must have addition for the Ruger PC9. Makes magazine release so much smoother and easy. Love it.

  7. Bill Kasdorf

    As the others have said:
    1) A MUST-HAVE if you own one of these PCC’s.
    2) Instructions are accurate ………. but not that immediately obvious ….. installs quickly.
    3) The included bar works GREAT!
    4) Tim: You need to offer a light weight pistol-grip rear stock with adjustable LOP.

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