Super Feed 5.25″ Barrel AR15-9mm

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  • 4140 steel
  • Black Nitride Finish
  • Throated chamber to allow for longer OAL length ammunition
  • 1:10 twist rate
  • 1/2-28 threaded end
  • Removable top ramp
  • Hand polished bottom feed ramp
  • Works with any standard 9mm bolts
  • Works with both colt and glock lowers
  • If ordering for an FM9, please let us know in the comments during checkout so we can modify the feed ramp to work!


We’ve taken out extreme feed barrels to the absolute in feeding with our sure feed insert. This removable (top ramp) insert, when installed, restricts the nose of the bullet from ‘overshooting’ the chamber. This is actually a very common practice that has been used in 1911 pistols forever! While using this insert requires a simple modification to your bolt, you can run the barrel without the insert as well; until you make up your mind if you want to have us make that modification to your bolt (free of charge).  You still have use of our patent pending extreme feed ramp that can be used with any stand 9mm bolt on the market today.

This the same barrel that is the basis for our ULW barrel, only with out the shroud. It will work great with our MID BRAKE barrel extensions…..just pin and weld it on for a mid comp barrel that is all the rage. Or use it as is for a great pistol barrel.

The Multi angle PATENT PENDING extreme feed ramp will allow the use of hollow point ammunition and support the front of the glock magazine.



This barrel is under 16″ and can be used to build a short-barreled rifle or AR pistol. All NFA rules apply. The final user is responsible for compliance with the law.


5 reviews for Super Feed 5.25″ Barrel AR15-9mm

  1. Rett

    Never have a feed issue again! I put together my Angstad Arms 0940 receiver today and went to the range.
    The Taccom worked flawlessly. It fed every type of 9mm round I threw at it. From Federal HST, to Hornady Critical Defense. I also got their extreme PCC bolt and buffer. The system is great!

    One thing I wish is a better surface finish on the outside of the barrel. The barrel turning looks pretty rough (dull tool?). They were nice enough to pull a barrel off of the ULW line since they were not in stock. I am assuming they don’t care about the finish so much on mine since it was going to be under a ULW shroud.

  2. Joe (verified owner)

    Awesome barrel!! It ate everything a threw at it. The owner Tim is top notch is very knowledgeable and helped me through issues I was having with my build. I would highly recommend this barrel.

  3. Terry B (verified owner)

    I had a 1st gen Spikes Tactical 9mm designated lower receiver on which I had tried two different 9mm barrels and upper receivers and could not get it to feed the rounds. I finally just bought a different brand lower & upper receivers and put the Spikes lower in my safe. A friend asked if I would sell the lower and I did. I then found the Taccom Super feed barrel and we put this barrel on that same Spikes lower. It has had approximately 900 rounds, mixed between FMJ & JHP, shot through it without one single misfeed or failure to feed. I love this barrel.

  4. hdcharlie (verified owner)

    These Super Feed barrels are the best answer for anyone who has had a pistol/carbine in 9mm that didn’t like hollow-point ammo. I have used them in std. AR forged uppers, billet uppers, and billet uppers with left side side charger and lrbho. They work with everything and never mis-feed. Before I changed to this barrel, most every brand of hollow-point ammo I tried would very often feed with the nose up, jammed into the top of the chamber. The top ramp in this barrel precludes that from happening. I’ve tried 124 gr. Starfire, 147 gr. Golden Saber, 124 gr. Gold Dot(std and +P), Winchester 147 gr. +P, Hornady Critical Defense(115 gr.) and Critical Duty(135 gr. std and +P) and they’ve all fed perfectly from Glock, Magpul, RWB, ETS mags and a F5 Mfg. 50 rd. drum. I’ve tried several other 9mm AR barrels and none of them can hold a candle to Tim’s masterpiece.

  5. chilfactore (verified owner)

    Finally took here to the range and let me tell you. If your ar 9 w9nt shoot hollw points this is the answer. Everything about this barrel is outstanding and Tim the OWNER OUTSTANDING I trust this barrel and the accuracy is OUTSTANDING. I will never by an AR9 unless I got this barrel. I didn’t buy the BCG but when I sent it to him to mill the top notch service was OUTSTANDING. I WOULD RECOMMEND this for any build GREAT J9B AND THANKS…

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