ULW Muzzle Brake / Comp 9mm


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  • 5 port or 9 port design
  • Light weight
  • Short brake .7 oz
  • Long brake 1.1 oz
  • Look under options for thread sizes
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • Long comp designed to make 14.5” barrel legal
  • Please double check your barrel thread before ordering!


The TACCOM ULW 9mm muzzle brake is a sensible, old school design for the 9mm carbine. Using all the available gas to help keep the muzzle down

The short brake is 1.625” long, while the long brake is 2.40” long so that you can pin and weld the longer brake onto a 14.5” barrel to make a legal 16” rifle barrel.

One of the lightest and most effective brakes on the market today and at a price that won’t hurt your wallet either!!

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Short 1/2-28, Short 1/2-36, Long 1/2-28, Long 1/2-36

6 reviews for ULW Muzzle Brake / Comp 9mm

  1. Anil L.

    Love this muzzle brake!!! Ran perfect and help with less dot bounce in my matches!!! Highly RECOMMENDED FOR PCC
    I have this on my CZ Scorpion . Thank you TACOOM3G!!!!!

  2. jonathan (verified owner)

    Just installed a 2 port comp on my yhm barrel 16″ , what a big difference no muzzle rise. powder is hs6 @6.2gr berry bullits 124 .It fit perfect no problems to install the threads are 1/2×36 .Great job and a great product from TACCOM THANK YOU.

  3. jwinter1973 (verified owner)

    Very nice.
    Used on my pcc comp. it’s nice to have a muzzle brake that dose not act as a heavy pendulum on the business end of my build.
    Note: it is not supplied with a crush washer tho, so make sure you have one ready.
    Timed easily on my ballistic advantage barrel.
    Would buy again for future builds.

  4. David (verified owner)

    I purchased the 2-port 1/2-28 comp for my Ruger PC Carbine., I talked to Tim before installing it and he cautioned me not to over-torque it during installation as 9 mm threaded barrels have a rather thin wall thickness under the threads. I used a crush washer but carefully sanded down the washer’s thickness until the comp “clocked” within a few degrees of proper alignment when hand tight. Then only minor torque was necessary to align it. I degrease the threads on both the barrel and comp and used Blue (Grade 242) Locktite when I installed it.

    It’s very well made and looks like a factory part when installed.

  5. PAUL (verified owner)

    I purchased the short 9mm muzzle brake for my Ruger PC9. When it arrived the packaging noted that it does not come with a peel ring. I called Tim to inquire. We discussed the position of the brake on the rifle without the washer. It was at 90 degrees before being in the correct position. Tim noted that I could either purchase timing washers from BROWNELLS or use 150 grit sand paper to remove metal from the brake until it fit the rifle, called timing. Tim stated that it should take about 30 minutes of sanding to get to the correct timing position. I have the sand paper and also ordered the timing rings from BROWNELLS. I’m going to try the rings first.

  6. Daryl Johnson

    It is really nice to do business with a company that stands behind its products! Tim is great!

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