Enhanced PCC 3 Stage Air Cushion Recoil System AR-9mm


  • Air cushioned on the recoil stroke for the last 1” of travel
  • Wave spring enhances the 2nd stage to further reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise
  • Designed to be used with the A5 length buffer tube
  • Buffer weight – 5oz
  • Developed mainly for 115, 124, and 147 grain loads (but will work with others too)
  • Factory sealed air cushion, no maintenance required
  • Spring loaded 3rd stage cushion softens return stroke
  • Aluminum construction air cushion
  • Custom flat wire spring
  • Short Stroke System, eliminates BHO capabilities in some cases
  • Not for use with Colt mag fed lowers
  • Also designed to work with the S&W Response.


Turns out that the more you can slow the bolt/buffer mass before the end of the recoil stroke…..the less recoil is felt and muzzle rise can almost be eliminated. To that end, we’ve added a massive wave spring to our air cushion to further slow down this mass with amazing results!! Charging the weapon is smooth, no initial ‘hard to charge’ as seen with delayed recoil systems yet this system is overall smoother to operate. This is basically a drop in unit and no adjustment is actually required. At most, if you are shooting sub minor power factor loads, trimming the flat wire spring is an option as on flat wire springs you can fine tune the initial preload of the system.

After much consideration, we decided to make our cushion to our own tolerances to come up with an affordable solution for using the air to cushion the blow. In house testing proved that we could cycle more (and faster) with no degradation of pressure, zero air loss over the entire stroke of the piston. We assemble this piston in house using a special light weight oil that lubricates in the metal and it stays there. Of course, we anodize the housing for additional wear protection as well.

Recoil System with A5 Buffer Tube variation: American Defense MFG Enhanced XL 8-Position Extended Buffer Tube, Machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum with a durable hard coat anodized finish. This is an extended AR15/AR10 buffer tube that features more length of pull adjustability and is compatible with the A5 Buffer System. The overall length of the buffer tube is 8″.

So why this recoil system? This is a system that you will be able to use for years and years, before having to worry about anything remotely wearing out. We also utilize a flat wire recoil spring that is also designed to last for many for cycles than the current mil-spec recoil spring. The Taccom PCC 3 Stage Air Cushion Recoil System is a total “drop in and forget” system as you know it will service you for a very long time.

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Recoil System, Recoil System with American Defense A5 Buffer Tube


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