Ultralight Handguard (blowback)


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  • Under 6 ounces
  • Lightest, most affordable G10 handguard on the market
  • Fire retardant
  • Attaches to the included barrel nut with one machine screw (yes, the fit is that nice)
  • Use’s a standard Armorers wrench for installation to the upper receiver
  • Thread options for M&P 15-22 and AR15-22/9mm


Designed to be used with ant “blowback” designed action. Our G10 handguard is the lightest and most affordable on the market.

The 1 5/8″ OD makes for a very comfortable hand hold and the 13 1/2″ length allows the shooter to grab and drive the weapon in a quick and controlled manner.

Comes with a barrel nut that is install-able with a standard armors wrench

Additional information

Handguard Length

G10 – 11.5", G10 – 14"

3 reviews for Ultralight Handguard (blowback)

  1. Daniel Siems (verified owner)

    Great hand guard for a blow-back gun! Super light, surprisingly rigid, nice length, size, good looks, and a fair price. Great job Taccom!

  2. Richard (verified owner)

    Dropped 1/2 lb of weight from the front of my pcc without a barrel change! Looks and feels great.

  3. mhunsinger.ks (verified owner)

    This hg fits an AR9. This is simply the most awesome hg I’ve ever seen. This is a rock-solid, real-deal tube of carbon fiber.

    You ever just sit and admire the precision and symmetry of a finely machined piece? This is one of those pieces.

    Unfortunately, I don’t own an AR9. I meant to order the hg for the Ruger. But I was so completely blown away by this tube of carbon fiber that arrived, I had to leave a comment. Wow.

    Taccom did a painless exchange for the right hg for my Ruger. .

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