Accessory Bundle for AKV

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  • Helps reduce felt recoil
  • Decrease mag reload times
  • Bolt release, mag release, & recoil block made out of 6061, black anodized aluminum
  • High density delrin funnel
  • *Will NOT work with ARV*
  • Bundle includes:
    • AKV Funnel
    • AKV Bolt Release
    • AKV Mag Release
    • AKV Recoil Cushion

Out of stock

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The TACCOM recoil cushion is a direct replacement of the aluminum block and rubber cushion found on the recoil spring of your AKV. The bumper is made from ACETAL (Delrin) which is about the same durometer as the cushions found on AR15 buffers. Then we use a 25# wave spring to drastically slow the speed of your bolt before everything bottoms out. This helps reduce the felt recoil and rise of your firearm.

How much of a slow down?

Well, that is going to be dependent on your load and your ability. Installation is easy & the key to installation is that this will slip over the recoil spring; from the rear, not the front of the spring. We’ve designed the new block so that once installed, it will not move forward and really hugs the spring. We engineered this design to last for thousands of care free rounds.

Reloading your AKV just got easier! We’ve come out with a magazine funnel that increases the insertion footprint by over 100% This means you can almost do a magazine change blindfolded. Machined from high density delrin, just like our popular and successful funnels for the Ruger PC Carbine, they will not break and offer a smooth surface for your magazine and guides it right into the opening effortlessly. Couple that with our finger magazine release and you’ll be reloading faster than ever before.

As for the bolt release, we’ve extended it out and back so that you can ‘find’ it easer and not have to fumble around to activate it. After machining, we’ve tumbled the parts to be smooth, then anodized them black to match the receiver. NOTE: will need to use this bolt release in conjunction with our funnel , disassembly of the factory magazine well and removal of the factory bolt release is required.

The TACCOM AKV magazine release makes magazine changes faster than ever before!! Simply by extending your trigger finger and applying a downward pressure, you will find that the magazine has dropped while you are using your other hand to grab your next magazine. This will be a game changer for USPSA classifiers and anytime you are in a situation where you need to change out magazines fast!! Now, our magazine release will still allow you to grab the mag and thumb the lever if you need to retain the empty magazine, or if you are the purist type that needs to hit the lever with the new magazine to drop the current mag in the weapon. Yes, you will now have 3 options for magazine changes, all with the TACCOM magazine release……or what some say is the best of all things.

Our release is made from 6061 Aluminum, has a matte black anodized finished.


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